Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A

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Keeping your baby’s name is one of the most special things after your baby arrives. It’s one that gets a lot of discussion and debate going. Nonetheless, it’s a lovely exercise. Welcome to our parenting section. Here’s a list of Hindu baby boy names starting with A. Below in the table, each name has its meaning and contains a selection of both unique Hindu baby boy names that are traditional and modern.

Name Meaning
Aabeer Colour of dusk, a warrior
Aadarsh Perfect or ideal. Also spelt as Adarsh
Aadav Means the sun
Aadesh Guideline or instruction
Aadhik  The person greater than all others
Aadhunik Progressive or new
Aadi The very beginning
Aadidev God, the first god of all gods
Aaditya The sun
Aahan First ray of light, dawn
Aakaar Shape or form of matter
Aakaash Sky or aasman
Aalap The starting point of a song, raga
Aarav Peaceful and calm
Aaroha It is a Hindu name that means, ever rising
Aarush Winter sun’s first rays
Aashish Blessings
Aashutosh Pleasing to the mind
Aastik Believer of god and faith
Aatish Progressive
Aayush Long life
Abhas Brilliant, magnificent, shining
Abheek Someone who is fearless
Abhijat Noble, wise
Abhinandan Congratulations, celebrations
Abhinay Expression
Abhimanyu Son of Arjun, fearless warrior
Achyuta Unbeatable
Adhiraj The king of all
Advait Unique person
Agnivesh Dronacharya’s guru
Ajay Invincible
Ajit Unconquerable
Akaash The great blue sky
Akhil Complete
Akshat One that cannot be harmed
Akshaya or Akshay Immortal
Alaap The first part to a song
Alok Victorious
Aman The world
Amar Immortal
Ameet Limitless
Amin Trusting, trust worthy
Amish Honest
Amitabh With endless grandeur and splendour
Amitesh Limitless, infinite
Amol Priceless
Amulya Priceless, invaluable
Anant Infinite
Anil God of wind
Aniruddh Grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirvan One who doesn’t die
Anish Supreme
Anjuman Paradise
Anshu Ray of Light
Anshuman Son
Anubhav Experience
Arihant Killer of his enemies
Arun The sun, colour of deep red
Arvind Tez, lotus, empowered
Ashok One without dismay and sorrow
Ashwin or Ashvin A cavalier, a winner, a standout, a star
Atal Unbeatable, stable
Ateet The past, inner being
Atul Invaluable
Avalok One who beholds
Avijit Invincible
Ayush Long living
Aachuthan Bhagwan Krishna
Aad The start or In the Beginning
Aadeshwar Lord, the deity
Aadesh Message, In control, The person who gives commands
Aadi Important
Aadijay Victory, wins
Aadvay or Aadway Unique, special, different, exclusive
Aaditey Son of the earth
Aadidev The first of gods

If you are looking for more names, here are some useful links:

Naming your child is special across every community. In some communities they hold a ceremony for this. In many others people call a priest to select the alphabet from which the name would start. Parents have different approaches as well while naming their child. Some parents prefer to have short names so they are not further shortened in school, by relatives or friends. There are some parents who prefer names with A or B so the child is always on top when announcements are made alphabetically.

Whatever the ceremony, whatever the tradition, for parents naming their child is a very special moment.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A
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