Indian Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with A

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Dec 02, 2020 14:56 IST
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Naming your child is one really special occasion and one must spend time researching for names. From names that mean philosophy to those that are endowed with forces of nature, here's a list of Indian Hindu baby girl names starting with A. In the table below, all the names have its different meanings, and their varied spellings. Take a look at a special and unique selection of names with A.

Name Meaning
Aarti Sun, worship, pray
Aadya Ideal, perfection.
Aahi Where heaven and earth meet
Aakai To rise
Aakriti Form, shape, nature, innocence
Aadhunika Progressive, bold and new
Aanvi Humane and kind
Aanchal Under warm and loving shelter
Aasani Lightning
Aahana First ray of sun rays or light, dawn
Aaradhna Shape or form of matter
Aakaashna Sky or aasman
Aavishi Heaven
Aaravi Peaceful and calm
Aanbu Loving and warm
Aarushi Winter sun's first rays
Aarchi Ray of light
Aashutoshi Pleasing to the mind
Aastika Believer of god and faith
Aatishi Progressive
Aayushi Long life
Aarini Adventurous
Abheeka Someone who is fearless
Aabha Loving beauty
Abhinandani Congratulations, celebrations
Abhitee Fearless
Adita First root
Aditi Freedom and security
Adya Earth
Advaitaa Unique person
Ahilyaa Unploughed
Ahutee Delicate
Ayana Blossom
Akaashi The great blue sky
Akheela Complete
Akshatee One that cannot be harmed
Akshayaa Immortal
Alaar The first part to a song
Alokaa Victorious
Amanaa The world
Amba Mother
Ameeta Limitless, endless
Alpana Delighted
Amish Honest, truthful
Amarina With endless grandeur and splendour
Ameeti Limitless, infinite, endless
Amulya Priceless, invaluable, special
Amulya Priceless, invaluable
Anant or Anandeeni Infinite. Unisex name Anant
Aneela God of wind, built on the word Anil
Anaavi Humane and kind
Anbumani Lovely
Anisha Supreme
Anshuman Paradise
Anshu Ray of Light
Ansh Deep part, a life cell, a part of us
Anubhavi Journey and experiences
Arpana Offering
Aruna The sun, colour of deep red
Arvind Tez, lotus, empowered
Ashmita Rock born
Ashwini or Ashvini A cavalier, a winner, a standout, a star
Athera Path
Ateet The past, inner being
Atriya Overflowing
Avaloki One who beholds
Avijita Unbreakable, unstoppable
Ayushi Long living

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While there are many more names below for you to explore, it's good remind that selecting your child's name is a special exercise. There are people from diverse backgrounds and they explore different names for their individual reasons. This is a specially curated list of baby names.

How to Select The Ideal Baby Name for your Child

  1. Look for unique names
  2. Explore the meaning of your child's name in many languages.
  3. Names are closely linked with what you believe. So make the selection based on the meaning.
  4. Traditional names are not boring. Infact in India many have gone back to keeping names that were popular in 1980s.
  5. Honour your culture.
  6. Contemplate all possible nicknames. You don't want your children to have funny nicknames. Keep names that cannot be spoilt or distorted.
  7. While A and S have been very popular for names in India, people are now experimenting.
  8. Give importance to your special moments while keeping the names.

Here are more names to consider.

Anjali Offering to god with flowers
Aanchal The decorative end of a sari, One which cannot be shaken, end of a sari
Aayaana Is another word for mirror, in Arabic it means intelligent
Aahaana Morning glory
Aaina Mirror
Aaleila to ascend
Aaliya high and exalted
Aameya Princess
Aada nazakat, behaviour, style
Araa glowing, beautiful

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Hindu Baby names starting with A

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