50 Baby Names with B

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So, all your med checks are in place. Your due date is fixed. And your hospital bag is also ready. There is just one thing remaining. And that is the name of your soon-to-be-arriving prince or princess. When you welcome a little one in your family, you give them a name that they carry for their lifetime. So, this one should be a well thought upon decision. If you are searching for a beautiful and meaningful name for your baby starting with the letter “B”, we are here to help you out. 

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To further simplify your search for unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names, there are separate lists mentioned below.

Baby Boy Names:

Baby boy names starting with B Meaning
  • Bhavya
Grand, Splendid, Virtuous, Composed
  • Bhavish
Future, Lord of existence
  • Bhuvik
  • Bhavik
Devotee of God
  • Bhavyansh
Bigger part, larger than life
  • Bhuvan
  • Bhargav
Lord Shiva
  • Bhavesh
Lord of sentiment
  • Bhavishya
  • Badri
Lord Vishnu
  • Bhavyesh
Lord Shiva
  • Bharat
Brother of Lord Rama
  • Bhavnish
King, ruler
  • Bhavyam
Forever, infinite, never-ending
  • Bhoumik
Lord of the earth
  • Budhh
He who has been enlightened
  • Balaji
Another name for Hindu Lord Tirupati
  • Bhanu
The sun, brilliant, virtuous
  • Bhavit
Impress, astonish, amaze
  • Bhaskar
The sun, bright, radiant and luminous
  • Bhushan
Ornament, decoration
  • Biraj 
Born of moon, To know one’s self
  • Bhavitya
One who belongs to the three worlds
  • Bharam
Esteem, pride, reputation
  • Bnidhish
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