New Age Baby Names with A

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Parents are always on the lookout for new unique names for their babies. Names build the identity for each of us, for life. So selecting name is an exercise one should undertake carefully, while enjoying the journey of doing so.

Below is a list of several unique names beginning with the letter A, each of which has its own significance and includes both traditional and modern Hindu newborn boy names.

New Age Baby Names with A

Name Meaning
Abir Warm red colour of dusk, a warrior
Ayansh First ray of light
Anya Superior than all other
Adesh Guideline or instruction
Adheek  The person greater than all others
Ashvi Blessed, victorius
Ayaan Gift of god
Adideva God, the first god of all gods
Aaditya The sun
Aahaan First ray of light, dawn
Aadipta Bright, intelligent and glorious
Akash Sky or aasman
Aadir The starting point, A beginning
Aditvaa Suraj, sunshine rays
Aarohi It is a unique name that translates into ever rising
Aryush Winter sun’s first rays
Asheesh Blessings
Ashootosh Pleasing to the mind
Aastik Believer of god and faith
Aadvik Unique and Exclusive
Aayush Long life
Abhas Brilliant, magnificent, shining
Abheek Someone who is fearless
Abhijat Noble, wise
Abhinandan Congratulations, celebrations
Abhinay Expression
Abhimanyu Son of Arjun, fearless warrior
Arika Beautiful, goddess of wealth
Adhiraaj The king of all, the leader
Adrik Sunrise between the mountains, magnificent
Agnivesha Drona Acharya’s guru
Abhyaas Efforts, hard working
Aagosh A polite asking
Akaash The great blue sky
Akhil Complete
Akshat One that cannot be harmed
Akshaya or Akshay Immortal
Alaap The first part to a song
Alok Victorious
Aman The world
Amar Immortal
Ameet Limitless
Amin Trusting, trust worthy
Amish Honest
Amitabh With endless grandeur and splendour
Amitesh Limitless, infinite
Amol Priceless
Amulya Priceless, invaluable
Anant Infinite
Aneel God of wind
Aniruddh Grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirvan One who doesn’t die
Aneesh Supreme
Anjuman Paradise
Anshoo Ray of Light
Anshuman Son
Anubhav Experience
Arihant Killer of his enemies
Ar00n The sun, colour of deep red
Aravind Tez, lotus, empowered
Ashok One without dismay and sorrow
Avir, Aveer Strong and a fighter
Atalabhiman Unbeatable, stable
Ateet The past, inner being
Atul Invaluable
Avalok One who beholds
Avijit Invincible
Ayush Long living
Aachuthan Bhagwan Krishna
Aad The start or In the Beginning
Avuyukta Crystal clear
Amaya Night rain
Aadi Important
Aadijay Victory, wins
Aadvay or Aadway Unique, special, different, exclusive
Aaditey Son of the earth
Aadidev The first of gods
Arinjay Destroyer
Ajaya Winner
Ajoy Winner, victor
Ajinkya Invincible, difficult to defeat
Ajeevan Someone with a deep, meaningful life, full of life
Ahimsa With love, no violence.
Ahuti Sacrifice
Akila One who knows it all
Akhil With deep understanding of the world
Akul Transcending
Amit Winner, endless, friend
Amil One in a million
Amati Beyond intellect
Amiee Nectar, very sweet
Amanat Treasure
Amullu Mother
Amrit Pure
Amrith Another way to write Amrit, means pure
Amudha Wealth of ambrosia
Amukta Cannot be touched, victorious
Amanpal Victor
Amanjot Light of peace
Amanvir Fights for peace
Ambudha Cloud
Ambujam Lotus
Ambudhi Ocean
Amithya Truthfully
Amoolya Precious
Amlendu Like the moon
Amaandeep Peace, light of peace

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