Parenting : Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with S

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Nov 01, 2020 11:25 IST
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Welcome to our parenting section. Here we look at many needs of a new parent including names. Here's a list of Indian baby names starting with S. Below in the table, each name has its meaning and contains a selection of both unique Indian names that are traditional and modern.


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Name Meaning
Saadhik Winner
Saagarik Belongs to an ocean
Sachetan Rational
Sadhya Achievable
Sailesa Mountain gods
Sakala Perfect
Saksam Able and powerful
Samarth Powerful
Samavart Bhagwan Vishnu
Sammad Joy
Sanatana Name of Brahma
Sanjeeva Life
Santosa Satisfaction
Sahaja Heriditory
Sahishnu Vishnu
Sahistha Strong
Sapthagiri Lord Venkateshwara
Sarvesh Lord of All
Sashank Moon
Sattvik Polite
Satya True, Pure
Satyam Truth, honest
Sakadala Fragrant of power
Sakash Illuminated
Sabeesh Lord Ayyappa
Sadiva Eternal
Sai Anand Flower
Sai Pratap Of Sai Baba
Saktisunder Rays of Durga
Sampad Prosperous
Sanmit Harmony
Sarat Autumn, complete, sage
Sheya Shadow, divine, unconquerable
Shiamak Silver flame
Shishir Name of a season, cold, frost, winter
Shivanand One that cannot be harmed, is in the thoughts of Lord Shiva
Shiv Name of God Shiva
Shivnath Super God Shiva
Shova Beautiful
Shirin Pleasant
Shireesh Flower
Shivakash Rudraksh
Shivish Trusting, trust worthy
Shivin Another name for Shiva
Shuna Lord Indra
Shvetank Fair, white, pure
Shubham Good
Sushant Silent
Shyam Dark blue, deep, another name for Lord Krishna
Sidhartha One who has an accomplished goal
Siddhik Lord Ganesh, Supernatural power
Sikandar Victorious
Snehashish Blessings of love
Sohail Paradise
Somdev Lord of the moon
Suyash Illustrious
Shivam Graceful
Subodh Of sound advice
Sudanshu Of nectar
Sudhir Very warm, kind, gentle
Suketu Another name for Vishnu
Suyog Timing
Swayam Self, strong
Swapnil Seen in a dream, of a dream
Swarnim Shining in gold
Sudharshan Beautiful, glowing in appearance
Sumant Easy to get to know, amiable, connectible
Syama Another name for Krishna, Kokila bird

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