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Traditional Hindu Baby Names : Classic names are back in demand. Many young parents are turning back time and naming their children based on traditions, scriptures, vedas, mythology and more.

Classic names, some of which are short, are named after gods. Ram, Shiva, Shanker, Indra and others are very popular once again. When it comes to keeping our children’s names, we spend a lot of time looking for that ideal one. With so many special names everywhere, we all want our child’s name to be unique, lovely, have meaning and be relevant. At the time time we don’t want it to be funny or too long so that people spoil it or distort it.

Name Meaning
Abir Colour of dusk, a warrior
Adarshini Perfect or ideal. Also spelt as Adarsh
Adiva Means the sun
Adeshini Guideline or instruction
Adheekila  The person greater than all others
Adhunik Progressive or new
Aadi The very beginning
Adheera Carefully paces, not in rush
Aditya The sun, suraj, special, light
Aahaana First ray of light, dawn
Aadiptini Bright, intelligent and glorious
Akashi Sky or aasman
Aadira The starting point, A beginning
Aaditva The sun, the rays, the powerful beams
Aaroha It is a Hindu name that means, ever rising
Aaroush Winter sun’s first rays
Aasheesh Blessings
Ashutosh Pleasing to the mind
Aastikaa Believer of god and faith
Aatishee Progressive
Aayushee Long life
Abhaas Brilliant, magnificent, shining
Abhik Someone who is fearless
Abhijat Noble, wise
Abhinandani Congratulations, celebrations
Abyas Effort of Expression
Abhimanyu Son of Arjun, fearless warrior
Achyutam Unbeatable, displays leadership skills, someone whose charm cannot be touched
Adhiraaj The king of all, the leader
Adin The day
Agniveshas Dronacharya’s guru
Aatish Beaming with fire
Aagoshaa A polite asking
Akaash The great blue sky
Akheel Complete
Akshati One that cannot be harmed
Akshaya or Akshay Immortal
Aloha Greeting
Alokh Victorious
Aman The world
Aditya Sun god
Aiyappan Of Vishnu and Shiva
Aja Shiva
Brahma The creator
Badri Lord Vishnu
Badrinath Lord Vishnu
Devendra Indra
Devesh Vishnu
Dhanraj Lord Kuber
Kailashchandra Lord Shiva
Kamalakar Lord Vishnu
Samarjeet Lord Vishnu
Shiva Lord Shiva
Shanker Lord Shiva
Sanat Lord Vishnu
Saraswati Goddess of education
Sankar Lord Shiva
Sargin Lord Vishnu
Saurish Lord Vishnu
Satyendra God of truth
Sekhmet Goddess of battle
Selena Godess of moon
Shaddai Almighty
Shaktidhar Lord Shiva
Shambu Lord Shiva
Shaamboo Lord Shiva
Shebat Moon god
Siva Lord Shiva
Shivendra Lord Shiva
Shivlal Lord Shiva
Shivnath Lords of all Shivas
Shiv Lord Shiva
Shivam Lord Shiva
Shivshanker Lord Shiva
Shrigopal Lord Krishna
Shrikrishn Lord Krishna
Shreekrishna Lord Krishna
Shivendu Lord Shiva
Shirish Lord Vishnu
Shreepad Lord Vishnu
Shripad Lord Vishnu
Shrupad Lord Vishnu
Sitikantha Lord Shiva
Srinath Lord Vishnu
Shreenath Lord Vishnu
Srirang Lord Vishnu
Srivatsa Lord Vishnu
Sunasi Lord Indra
Suparna Lord Vishnu
Suren Lord Indra
Sooren Lord Indra
Sibil Greek mythology, from the god
Sridharan Lord Vishnu
Sreedhara Lord Vishnu
Soureesh Lord Vishnu
Uma Kant Lord Shiva
Umesh Lord Shiva
Unta God of Light
Upendra Lord Vishnu
Untaa God of light
Uma Lord Shiva
Umanand Lord Shiva
Vajrapani Lord Vishnu
Vishnu Lord Vishnu
Venu Lord Krishna
Veni Lord Krishna
Vignesh Lord Ganesh

There are many more unique Hindu baby boy names. If you are looking for more names, here are some useful links:

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