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70 Baby Names Starting With C

Baby Names Starting With C, Baby Names Starting With C, 70 Baby Names Starting With N
70 Baby Names Starting With C | Parenting is special for everyone. One really significant and early part of parenting is selecting your child’s name. So here at our parenting section, SheThePeople is out with a guide that you can use for selecting your baby’s name. To further simplify your search for unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names starting with C, there are separate lists mentioned below.

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Baby boy names starting with C Meaning
Cabir Powerful, Leader
Chaah Love, Wish
Chanakya Renowned Mauryan writer and politician
Chaand Moon
Charan Feet
Chahit Love
Chaidya Wise
Chaital Consciousness
Chaitanya Knowledge, Intelligence
Chaitya Place of worship
Chakor A bird
Chakra Weapon of Lord Vishnu
Chakradhar Lord Vishnu
Chakravarthi Emperor
Chakshu Eye
Chaman Flower garden
Champak A flower
Chander Moon
Chandrabhan Moon and sun
Chandragupt Name of an ancient king
Chandrahas Smiling like moon
Chandrak A peacock’s feather
Chandrakishore Moon
Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
Chandranshu Ray of moon
Chahal Loving
Chandrajit One who has conquered the moon
Chenna Lord Vishnu
Chandaka Charming, Poetic
Chandan Sandalwood
Charvik Intelligent
Chetak Rana Pratap’s horse
Chetan Life, Spirit of life
Chinmay Full of knowledge
Chirayu Endless

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Baby girl names starting with C Meaning
Chandni Moon light
Charvi Beautiful girl
Chhaya Shadow
Chaheti Lovable
Chaitali Born in Hindu month of Chaitra
Chakori A bird enamoured of the moon
Chakshumati Born with beautiful eyes
Chameli Jasmine flower
Champa A fragrant flower
Chanchal Impatient
Chanda Moon
Chandra Moon
Chandrabali Krishna’s girl-friend
Chandramukhi As beautiful as the moon
Chandrani Wife of the moon
Chandravali A friend of Radha
Channaya Eminent
Charita Having a good character
Charmi Lovely
Charu Beautiful, Attractive
Charulata Beautiful
Charumati Beautiful mind
Charusmita One with a beautiful smile
Chaturya Clever
Cherry A fruit
Cheshta To try
Chetana Perceptive, Consciousness
Chhavi Reflection
Chikku A fruit
Chinmayi Supreme consciousness
Chishta River Tributary
Chitralekha Beautiful design
Chitrali A row of pictures
Chitthi Letter
Chintanika Meditation

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