Hindu Baby Boy Names with R

hindu baby names with r

Hindu Baby Boy Names with R : Naming your child is special. The meaning is really important for the naming process. Some use traditional methods of naming by calling a priest and asking him/her to take an alphabet selection. Here’s a list of Hindu baby boy names with R. Below in the table, each name has its meaning and contains a selection of both unique Hindu baby girls names that are traditional and modern.

Name Meaning
Radhey Karna
Radheyshyam Lord Krishna
Rahee Traveller
Raah The way, rasta, path
Raka Full moon
Ram Lord Ram Beloved
Ramdutt Name of Lord Ram
Ramanuj Younger brother of rama
Radesh A name for lord krishna
Raghavan Lord Ram
Raghav Lord Ram
Raghubir Lord Ram
Raghu An ancient king of avadh
Raghuram An ancient king of avadh
Rahas Merriment, delight
Raivath Wealthy
Raj King
Raja King
Rajneesh God of night -moon
Rajnikant Sun, lord of night
Rajat Silver
Rajata Sovereignty
Rajdeep Best of kings
Rajeesh Ruler of Kings; Emperor;
Rajeevlochna Lotus-eyed, lord rama
Rajendra King
Rajinder King
Rajhans White swan, peace lover
Rajkiran Raj of hope
Rajni Princess
Rajini Princess
Rajvir The hero of the kingdom, the warrior
Rajveshwar King
Raksha Wealth, Protector
Rakshan Lord Vishnu
Ram Prasad Rama
Ramadeep Lord Rama
Ramakant Lord Vishnu
Ramakrishna Rama and Krishna
Ramamurthy Lord Rama
Ramanathan Lord Rama
Ramanuj Lord krishna; lord laxman
Ramdas Devotee (a servant) of rama
Raamveshwar Lord of raama
Ramoji Lord Ram
Ranadev Lord of battles
Ranbir The Indian origin name means ‘The brave warrior’.
Ranjan Delighting
Ranjeet Victor in wars
Ranjit Delighted and happy person
Rashesh Lord krishna
Rashmi Sun rays
Rashmaru Lord krishna
Ratan Precious stone
Ratanabha Lord vishnu
Rathik One who rides a chariot
Rathish Warrior
Rathik Warrior
Ratheek Warrior
Ratul Truth seeking, interested
Raven A bird
Ravi Sun
Ravee Sun
Ravikiran Sun
Rathul Truth seeker
Rituraaj Calm
Rivan Priest
Rakshak Guide, Protector
Rochak Delicious, entertaining, interesting
Rochan Bright
Rohan Ascend
Rohanish Moon
Rohit Sun deep, red
Rohitsava Red
Rohtak Sun
Rolee Sindoor
Romesh From Rome, Goddess Lakskmi

Selecting your child’s name is a special exercise. There are people from diverse backgrounds and they explore different names for their individual reasons. This is an indicative selection of names.

Hindu Baby Girl Names with R

Romil Heartfelt
Romeel Interesting
Ronak Brightness, radiance
Raunak Brightness, radiance
Ronit Prosperity
Rohnit Prosperity
Ronish Lion of the battlefield
Roopak Dramatic composition
Roop Dramatic composition

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Hindu Baby Girl Names with R

Romith Heartfelt
Romil Interesting
Raunaq Brightness, radiance
Raunak Brightness, radiance
Ronit Prosperity
Rohit Rich, intelligent
Ranish Lion of the battlefield
Rupak Dramatic composition
Roop Dramatic composition