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As you find a beautiful name for your bundle of joy, we are here to help you out with baby names starting with A.

Parenthood is among the most important roles anyone will ever play in their life. The starting point of it all after the baby comes to the world is selecting the baby’s name. It is very fulfilling moment with valuable lessons in love, compassion, empowerment, and humanity.

We have compiled a list of 70 meaningful names for your new-born with a separate list for baby boy and baby girl names.

Baby boy names starting with A Meaning
Aabhas Feeling
Abeer Smell of the rose/Gulal
Acharya A Hindu or Buddhist spiritual teacher or leader
Adarsh Ideal
Aadesh Command
Adamya Indomitable
Aadi Important
Aditya Lord of the sun
Advaya Unique
Aagam Arrival
Aakarshan Attraction
Aarav Peaceful
Ansh Portion
Aariketh Lord Ganesh
Arpit Donate
Aryan Illustrious
Ashutosh Someone who can be easily gratified
Aashray Shelter
Aayush Long-lived
Aayushman One blessed with long life
Abhay Fearless
Abhidyu Heavenly, Bright
Abhijeet Conqueror
Abhik Fearless
Abhinav Very young
Aatish Fire
Aatmik Soul
Abhiroop Handsome
Abhyudaya Sunrise
Agni Fire
Ahan Dawn
Ajinkya Invincible
Amartya Immortal
Amol Priceless
Anadi Eternal

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Baby girl names starting with A Meaning
Aadhira Moon
Aaditri Goddess Laxmi
Aadvika Unique
Aakriti Shape
Aanchal Shelter, Lap
Anshi God’s gift
Aarohi A music tune
Aarushi First ray of the sun
Aarya Goddess Parvati, Durga
Aashika Lovable
Abhiniti Friendship
Adhishree Surplus
Ahana One who cannot be killed
Ahilya Sacred
Aiyana Eternal blossom
Akshita Seen, Immortal
Alia Forehead
Alisha Protected by God
Alpana Delighted
Ambika Loving
Amodini Fragrant
Anandi Bestower of pleasure
Ananya Without a second
Anika Splendour
Anindini One who is not spoken ill of
Anita Gracious
Anjali Divine offering
Anjana Mother of Lord Hanuman
Anokhi Unique, unparalleled
Antika Elder sister
Anamika Ring finger
Anhiti Gift
Anuja Younger sister
Anvita Who bridges the gap, Reasoned, Understood
Anupama Incomparable

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