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Hindu Baby Girl Names with S

Hindu Baby Girl Names with S
Hindu Baby Girl Names with S : Naming your child is a special experience. The meaning is really important for the naming process. Some use traditional methods of naming by calling a priest and asking him/her to take an alphabet selection. Here’s a list of Hindu baby girl names starting with S. Below in the table, each name has its meaning and contains a selection of both unique Hindu baby girls names that are traditional and modern.

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Name Meaning
Sana Radiant, light
Sara Perfect or ideal. Pure or happines
Sameer Pure
Sama Environment
Saath Support
Saachee Beloved
Sahana Raga
Saanvika Goddess Laxmi
Saatvika Calm, composed, cool
Saanvi Goddess Laxmi
Saketha Lord Krishna
Saarya A pious woman
Sabita Beautiful Sunshine
Sabri Lord Ram’s Devotees
Sabrina Passion
Saketha Lord Krishna
Sadia Righteous, Truthful
Saesha With Great Desire And Wish
Saisha With Great Desire And Wish
Saguna Possessed Of Good Qualities
Shanti Tranquility, Peace
Santi Tranquility, Peace
Sahita The Lord Saibaba Message
Sahana Form, Figure, Complexion
Saila Dwelling in the mountain
Sailaja Daughter of the mountain
Saloni Beautiful
Samidha An Offering For A Sacred Fire
Samir A chameli flower
Samira A chameli flower
Samita Committee, Senate
Sita Wife of Ram
Seeta Wife of Ram
Sameena Happy
Sahila Guide
Sahadeva Protected by the goddesses, Mighty goddess
Savi Goddess Laxmi, The Sun
Samyukta Goddess Durga
Sandan Fragrance
Sandana Fragrance
Sandaya Collection
Sahana Raaga or patience
Shahana Raaga or patience
Stuthi Goddess Durga
Stuti Durga maa
Samiya Elevated, Lofty, Incomparable
Siena Priceless
Sophia Priceless, invaluable
Sadia Lucky
Sampriti Real love and attachment
Sampreeti Real love and attachment
Sagarika Wave
Samina Happiness
Samidha An Offering For A Sacred Fire
Samyukta Goddess Durga
Sangini Life Partner
Sambhuti Birth, Origin
Sandhya Holding together, Union
Santana continuing, Music
Santvana continuing, Music
Sashilekha A digit of moon
Sanika Flute
Sanjeevani Immortality
Sanjivani Full of life
Sanjoli Period of twilight
Sanjushri Beautiful
Sanoli Possessed with self penance, Introspective
Sarada A vina or lute bearer, A sarasvati
Saanjh Evening
Sarangi A spotted doe, A ragini
Suhani Beautiful
Sarasvati Region abounding in pools, Full of essences
Sada Always or Princess
Saatwika A tree


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Selecting your child’s name is a special exercise. There are people from diverse backgrounds and they explore different names for their individual reasons. This is an indicative selection of names.

Hindu Baby Girl Names with S

Sasikala Digit of the moon
Saina Princess
Sasrupa With a 100 forms
Satvanti Full of truth, Faithful
Saumya Related to the moon, Calm
Saurabhi Possessing Fragrance
Savini Nectar giving, A river
Semanti The Indian white rose
Shashi Moon

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