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10 Brides Who Went Viral For The Most Strange Reasons

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Weddings are expected to be fun, an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, a day to create lasting memories, and a day to cherish. What if for some strange reason, your wedding day becomes viral on social media or if your wedding is called off due to an unexpected event on the wedding day?

Although it is customary for there to be some disagreements and embarrassing moments at an Indian wedding, there are some bride or wedding videos going viral these days for the most peculiar reasons. Some of these videos become witty memes, while others serve as role models for brides who defy convention. Whatever the case may be, we’ve compiled a list of viral bride videos.

10 Viral Bride Videos:

Relationship contract:

Relationship Contract

In a viral video, the bride is seen holding a large envelope with the words “confidential” inscribed on it. When questioned about what was in the envelope, she stated that it included a contract paper for her groom. She intends to have the groom sign it before the wedding takes place. “Love agreement between Kran and Harshu” is the title of the contract paper. She has asked the groom to do a list of things after their wedding in the contract. Watch the video here.

Smack in the face:

Another viral video shows a man attempting to garland the bride. She, on the other hand, responded by hitting him across the face. The groom remained stunned, unsure of what had happened to him. The bride got off the stage, shocking the guests. The groom was from Chamari village in Jalaun district. Family members interfered, according to reports, to keep the situation under control. It has also been claimed that the bride disliked the groom so she smacked him during the garland exchange ritual. Read more about the case here.

Cake fight:

In a viral video, a bride was seen standing up on the platform with a relative. She was holding a portion of sugar. She was observed attempting to feed her groom a piece of cake. He takes her hand in his and draws it closer, but he doesn’t consume the sweet. This irritates the bride, who then throws the food at him.

Garland fight:

During the varmala ritual, the groom is said to have thrown a garland at the bride, which irritated her. Following this, the two families got into a fight. People tried to persuade the bride to not call off the wedding, but she was firm in her refusal. Read the full story here.

Unpunctual groom:

bride cancels wedding, Angry Bride Married Off To Acquaintance

The Bride Got married to another man (News Tracker)

In Maharashtra’s Buldhana district, a groom and his family were forced to return to their village when the bride’s family refused to marry them since he had arrived four hours late to his wedding. After the groom kept dancing with his drunk friends and kept them all waiting, the bride was married off to a family friend. Read more about the incident here.

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Slapping match:

A groom slapped the bride in Panruti, Cuddalore district, for dancing with her relatives while entering the hall where one of the wedding functions was taking place. The bride was humiliated and slapped the groom in return. According to a report, the woman’s parents called off the wedding and she married one of her cousins who was present at the venue. Full story here.

Drunk groom:

After the husband arrived drunk and forced her to dance before the varmala ceremony, the bride from Uttar Pradesh became enraged and called off her wedding. Read more here

Eyesight test ritual:

Another bride in Uttar Pradesh became enraged when she learned that the groom’s eyesight was so bad that he couldn’t read without his spectacles. Without his glasses, the groom was instructed to read from a Hindi newspaper. He was unable to complete the task. As a result, the bride decided to call off the wedding. Here’s the full story.

Work From Home Bride:

working bride viral video

Work from home bride

A viral video on Instagram shows the bride’s face in the early stages of bridal makeup, and as the video progresses, her bridal look evolves to its final form, all the while dressed in a traditional red lehenga and bangles and explaining digits and percentages to her coworkers. Irritated, she pleads with her colleague near the end of the brief video, “Sir, I am getting married today,” clearly asking her colleague to let her go. Read the full story here.

Drug Test Ritual:

Sunita Singh, a 22-year-old bride, called off her wedding after the groom failed a drug test. This incident occurred in a Gurdwara in Dinanagar, Punjab. When the bride witnessed the groom’s inability to walk straight, she declined. The groom’s relatives attempted to persuade the bride by claiming that his foot had been hurt. She maintained her stance and refused to marry the man. Read the full coverage here.

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