Viral: UP Bride Calls Off Wedding After Groom Fails To Read Newspaper Without Glasses

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For an Uttar Pradesh groom glasses and newspaper became deciding factors in whether the bride wanted to marry him or not. In a viral story from Auraiya, a woman reportedly called off her wedding after the groom with weak eyesight failed to read without his glasses.

The bride and groom have been identified in reports as Archana and Shivam, respectively. All pre-wedding ceremonies proceeded smoothly but on the day of the wedding, the bride and her family noticed Shivam wearing eyeglasses the entire time. Suspecting his eyesight wasn’t strong, he was asked to read from a Hindi newspaper without his glasses – a task he failed to do.

As per reports, the bride’s side filed an FIR against the groom’s family at a local police station when the latter refused to return the dowry after the wedding was cancelled.

For A Groom Glasses And Newspaper Become A Wedding Test: Social Media Reacts

As per News18Archana’s father fixed his daughter’s marriage with Shivam who he said was a “well-educated boy.” He was given a motorcycle and cash as shagun before the wedding. “When the Baraat procession came to the house on June 20, the groom was constantly seen wearing spectacles the whole time,” Archana’s father said.

The bizarre incident has left netizens confused as to how to react to the bride and her family’s justification for calling off the wedding. Twitterati is asking, is wearing glasses such a problem?

“This is a shameful act by the bride,” one user wrote. Meanwhile, another user on Facebook remarked saying, “Fair enough in an arranged marriage setup. At the end of the day, it’s a business deal.”

There have been other incidents in UP of brides calling off weddings for unusual reasons. Last month, another bride cancelled her wedding right before the garland exchange when the groom couldn’t recite the tables of two.