Punjab: Bride Cancels her Wedding after the Groom Fails Dope Test

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In Punjab, a 22-year-old Sunita Singh has to be the most badass bride who called off her wedding because her fiancé failed a drug test.

The wedding was taking place in a Gurdwara in Punjab’s Dinanagar town, on Sunday, when the groom entered the religious place in an inebriated position.

Sunita is a resident of Dusshera Ground in Dinanagar about 12 km from Gurdaspur. Police told the reporters on Tuesday that she denied continuing with the wedding, which was happening at Gurdwara Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Sunita saw Jaspreet Singh, who couldn’t walk properly as he entered the Gurdwara with his entourage. The groom and his family are from Khanpur near Mukerian.

On seeing Jaspreet’s condition, Sunita could not take the embarrassment and rejected the Groom.

Sunita is a daughter of a truck driver and Jaspreet too is a truck driver. His family tried to convince Sunita by saying that it is because of a foot injury that Jaspreet is faltering while walking, but Sunita did not budge from her decision.

“She was adamant not to marry Jaspreet as she suspected him of being a drug addict,” a relative, who did not want to be named, told Hindustan Times.

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The bride then demanded that her fiancé goes for a narcotic test at a nearby medical centre right away. However, that could not happen because of lack of equipment. Undeterred, she then persisted that a medical checkup is done at a private laboratory in Gurdaspur. When that happened, Jaspreet’s reports came to be positive for drug use.

Right after, Sunita reported the matter to a police station near the Gurdwara. Station house officer confirmed the incident and revealed that both parties have accepted Sunita’s decision and have returned the rings which were earlier exchanged in an engagement.

It was Sunita’s father who had recommended Jaspreet for Sunita as he knew him well. But even he is now proud of his daughter’s intelligence. Sunita showed resilience in hard times and now she will be felicitated by Red Cross De-addiction Centre.

Romesh Mahajan, project director of the local Red Cross De-addiction Centre said that Sunita is an inspiration for other women to fight against their husband’s drug addiction.

Punjab is a hotbed of drug addiction and there does not seem to be any recovery soon. There is a strong network of drug mafia, police, politicians and policy-makers in the state who work together and until there is a loophole in this network, a drug-free Punjab is a far off dream.

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