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Viral Video: Bride Attends Work Call While Getting Ready For Her Wedding

working bride viral video
On her wedding day, a bride is expected to do many things like look coy or behave a certain manner, but this dulhan was busy attending calls and sending reports to her office. In a video uploaded by a makeup salon’s social media page, a bride can be seen constantly busy on calls as she gets ready for her wedding day.

The short video on Instagram begins with the bride’s face just in the basic phase of bridal makeup and as the video progresses we see her bridal look reach its final stage while she keeps busy explaining digits and percentages to her colleagues at work, all the while dressed in a traditional red lehenga and bangles.

Exasperated towards the end of the short video, she pleads to her colleague by saying, “Sir, I am getting married today.” Clearly hinting to her colleague to let her go. It is amazing how she manages to keep so calm over the call despite irritation being clearly visible on her face. The video was uploaded with a sticker stating, “Work from home be like (emoji),” and a caption, “Lovedeep (emoji).”

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The reel has garnered some 12 million views, 775 thousand likes and some 3000 comments as of now. It was uploaded by a bridal makeup artist in Pathankot, Sona Kaur on January 15 this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the macro and micro-course of life. This change includes a blurring of space and lines between work and personal life after the first wave. Despite being in the third year of the pandemic, employees are still trying to understand the new work patterns. This bride in the Instagram reels is one of the many who have to make space for work on a day that marks a big personal milestone.

Working bride viral video: no limit to work hours?

Last year, yet another wedding video had gone viral in which a groom was seen with his head buried in his laptop and working from his wedding mandap. The video broke the Internet and got at least one million views. In the video, the bride is seen laughing at seeing her husband work on the wedding day. Read more here.

These videos are red flags on how aggressively work has encroached into our personal lives. The question is, once the pandemic is over will we be able to draw a line or is work now an inseparable part of our off-work hours forever.