Viral Video Shows Groom Slapping Bride: Why Are People Finding It Funny?

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In a video doing rounds on social media, a bride and a groom can be seen slapping each other during their wedding ceremony. The fight started after the groom offered to feed sweets to the bride and she turned her head away. In the video, the groom is seen throwing the sweet at her and in retaliation, the bride too throws back the sweet at the groom. The annoyed groom then slaps the bride and she too hits him back. Surprisingly, many people are finding this video hilarious.

What part of the fight seemed funny though? The video shows a man and woman hitting each other, not to mention that it started after the woman refused to eat the sweet offered by the man, at their wedding ceremony. It is an incident of domestic violence unfolding in front of a big gathering. It is easy to imagine how that marriage will turn out to be if the bride and groom decide to go through with it. It shows how a man felt at ease slapping his wife-to-be in front of her family members and society. Why would he be even a little scared of being even more violent towards her behind closed doors?

The problematic groom slaps bride viral video

The video is shockingly being shared on social media with laughing emojis. Many seemed to enjoy the slapping match between the bride and the groom. It only reflects how domestic violence is not taken seriously in our country. In this case, it served as entertainment and when such stories are shared by women in an attempt to seek help, most people sideline it calling it “ghar ki baat”. Something that only concerns the married couple and their equation with each other. No one seems comfortable to intervene.

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Even in the case of the viral video, the bride and groom are seen going at it without any interference from the people gathered to celebrate the wedding. What about the person who not only captured the video but also uploaded it on the internet as a meme. How can someone treat domestic violence as a meme?

The social media meme trend has dominated over all sorts of content floating on the internet. Unlike the said viral video, many memes have actually made it easy for people to address certain issue in a light manner without making it lose significance. Talk about dark comedy in memes. All is well in the name of jokes but without the knowledge of it being dark? That is where the issue becomes serious. Video of the bride and groom hitting each other is problematic enough. It should make people concerned about the people actually living the hell in front of the camera.

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