Inebriated Groom Arrives Late For Wedding, Miffed Bride Marries Someone Else

bride cancels wedding, Angry Bride Married Off To Acquaintance
Bizarre stories from weddings across India keep making headlines often; sometimes these stories are sweet and tearjerkers. Just like the recent story of a Muslim family hosting the wedding ceremony of their Hindu neighbour in Uttar Pradesh. Now the reports have surfaced about a bizarre incident at a Maharashtrian wedding where the groom had to return without his bride because of his penchant for dancing.

The news came from Maharashtra’s Buldhana district where a groom on April 22 had to return to his village with his procession after the bride’s family refused to get the two married since he arrived four hours late to his wedding. Yes, four hours late! The bride was married off to the familial acquaintance after the groom kept dancing with his inebriated friends and he kept them all waiting.

Angry Bride Married Off To Acquaintance

The reports didn’t name either the groom or the bride suggesting that the two were supposed to get married at 4 pm in the evening but the groom kept dancing with his friends who were intoxicated until four hours later.

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The bride and her family, and friends were miffed with it and thus she was married off to one of the attendees who were also their acquaintance. The father of the bride was quoted in news reports saying that the groom’s party belonged to a different village and were supposed to arrive at the bride’s village called Malkapur in the afternoon.

He added that when the groom and his family reached their village around 8 pm, they questioned about their late arrival. This led to an altercation between the two parties which escalated into a physical fight and the bridal party sent the groom and his relatives back.

The bride’s parents spoke to one of the attendees and his family. When they both agreed, the two were married off that day, the reports stated. According to the reports, the groom was also married to another woman later.

In a recent viral video, which is believed to be from Hamirpur’s Swasa village, a bride is seen slapping the groom during a ceremony called varmala before walking out. As the groom is about to garland the bride, she slaps the man across his face. She hits him once again as someone pops confetti near the groom. She then marches off the stage as a shocked groom and guests look on.

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