70 Baby Names Starting With S

Baby names starting with S | Parenting at SheThePeople : Selecting your child’s name is a lovely exercise. Sometimes parents do it by themselves, at other times, people involve the larger family to do this. 

While motherhood comes with its own set of complexities but the pure joy of watching your kids living or reliving all those first moments when they have discovered how to do things on their own is priceless. In our very popular motherhood section, we bring you options for baby names. This is a list of baby names starting with S. 

To further simplify your search for unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names starting with S, there are separate lists mentioned below:

Baby boy names starting with S Meaning
Satvik Calm
Sagar Ocean
Saksham Capable
Samaksh In front
Samarth Powerful
Sambhav Possible
Samesh Lord of equality
Sampoorna Complete
Sanchit Collected
Saumil Good with meeting new people
Shrinivas Lord Vishnu
Sehej Calm
Shashwat Ever-lasting
Shreyas Prosperity
Subodh Sound advice
Sudeesh Good character
Sundar Beautiful
Swarup Having one’s own form
Shaurya Bravery
Shinoy Peace-maker
Shivendra Lord Shiva
Siddhant Principle
Siddharth One who has accomplished his aim
Shiva Lord Shiva
Shivam Of Shiva
Shobhit Splendid
Somesh Moon
Srikant Beloved of Sri, Another name for Vishnu
Sushim Moonstone
Sudhir Very considerate or wise
Suhas Smiling beautifully
Suryanshu Sunbeam
Swarnim Gold
Suyash Illustrious
Swapnil Dreamy

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Baby girl names starting with S Meaning
Saachi Beloved
Saanvika Goddess Lakshmi
Saatvika Calm
Sachita Consciousness
Sadhna Worship
Saesha With great desire
Saloni Beautiful
Sameena Happy
Samira A kind of flower
Samyukta Goddess Durga
Sanchita Collection
Sandhya Evening
Sanjeeda Silent
Sanmitha Goddess Parvati
Shilpi Artisan
Sarika A string of pearls
Sarojini Abounding in Lotuses
Saravari Night
Siya Sita
Saumya Related to the moon, Calm
Sunanda Very pleasing
Shama A flame
Shashi The moon
Sheetal Cool
Shipra A river
Shivangi Beautiful
Shivani Goddess Parvati
Shraddha Veneration
Siddhi Prosperity
Snehlata Vine of love
Sonali Golden
Stuti Praise
Suchitra Beautiful
Supriya Beloved
Swati Name of a star

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