Indian Baby Boy Names

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Naming your child is nearly the next most important thing after having the baby. And as tradition goes in different cultures, there are many ways to do the naming. Some choose a ceremony, some do the naamkaran, some call a pandit and ask him/her to choose an alphabet for families to select a name with. What’s very special about naming your baby is the meaning of the name you choose. A lot lies in that special meaning. All our lives, our identity, is our name. We have a long list of names for you to choose from below, but first, how do you pick the ideal baby name?

How to Pick the Ideal Baby Name?

  1. It should be special. Not just that, it should be special for you as parents.
  2. Don’t opt for passing trends.
  3. See what works for you and for your family
  4. Honour your culture.
  5. Look up meanings. They are so important to the naming process.
  6. Contemplate all possible nicknames. Remember you don’t want your baby’s name to be chopped and made fun of.

Should I Pick a Traditional Name?

  • Traditional Indian names have made a big return among modern parents. Shanker to Shiva to Ramanuj to Chandrashekhar, of late many parents have started naming their children after what have been prominent names in Indian mythology.
  • The name, whether modern or traditional should be determined by how you associate that name with your life. For many in India, gods and goddesses make for great, powerful and bold names. Like Ram, Laxman, Hariharan and others.

Popular Names for you to choose from. Indian Baby Boy Names.

Baby Names with A

Baby Boy Names with A

Baby Boy Names with B

Baby Boy Names with S

Baby Boy Names with R

Looking for options for girls’ names? Here they are. We have got a selection of names from popular alphabets, a look at the traditional ones too.

Baby Girl Names with A

Baby Girl Names with B

Baby Girl Names with S

Baby Names with R

Unique Baby Names

Traditional Baby Names


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Indian Baby Boy Names
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