70 Baby Names Starting With R

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Baby names starting with R | Parenting at SheThePeople | Some parents choose a baby name just because they love the way it sounds. Others prefer a short name. These days some prefer names of famous stars. How are you planning to choose your baby’s name?  hindu baby names starting with R

To help you with your search, we have compiled a list of baby names starting with ‘R’ along with their meanings. To further facilitate your search, we have separate lists of baby boy and baby girl names below:

Baby boy names starting with R Meaning
Rachit Invention
Radhesh A name for Lord Krishna
Ragayuj Attached to love
Ragesh The man who sings sweet ragas
Raghav Descendent of Raghu
Raghavendra Lord Rama
Rahul Able, Efficient
Raj King
Rajat Silver
Rajdeep Best of kings
Rajesh God of kings
Rajnish God of night (moon)
Randeep Hero of the battle
Ranveer Hero of the battle
Ratan Precious stone
Rathik One who rides a chariot
Ratnakar Jewel mine
Raudra Wild, fierce
Ravi Sun
Reyansh Vishnu’s ansh
Ridit World-known
Rishabh Morality
Rishi Sage
Ritesh Lord of truth
Rithvik Priest
Robin Famed
Ronit Embellishment
Rupendra Lord of form
Ruchit Bright, Shining
Rudra Thunder and Lightning
Rudraksh Fierce-eyed
Rupam Beauty
Rushaal Higher than charming
Rushabh Decoration
Rutvik Name of Lord Shiva

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Baby girl names starting with R Meaning
Radhika Goddess Radha, Beloved of Lord Krishna
Raghavi Raga
Ragini A melody
Rashi Sign of the zodiac
Rachita Created
Rachna Creation
Raina Night
Rajshree Royalty
Rakshita Protected
Rashmi Ray
Rasika Elegant
Rati Goddess of desire
Ratrika Night
Raveena Sunny
Riddhima Full of prosperity
Reeta Pearl
Renuka Earth
Revathi Wealth
Ria Singer
Richa Light
Riddhi Good fortune
Rijuta Innocence
Ritika Of a stream
Rituparna Leafy season
Romila Heartfelt
Ruchika Beautiful
Riyanshi Cheerful
Roopali Pretty
Ruhi Spiritual
Rohini Ascending
Roshita Illuminated
Rosheen Rose
Roop Look
Riddhi Fame
Reshma Silken

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