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Seven Non-Fried Fried Foods That Your Kids Will Love

quick snacks for kids, Non-Fried Foods For Kids

Non-fried foods for kids: Often, fried and junk food is not advisable snacks for kids. Their bodies are still growing and developing their immunity. And it is not wise to expose them to ingredients that might have an undesirable impact on their health. As it is commonly known, fried food contains a high level of calories and fat which isn’t good for health. Over-fried foods often become major reasons for diabetes type 2, fluctuating cholesterol level and heart diseases. Moreover, in today’s scenario when we cannot completely trust the quality of oil that is sold and consumed, fried food can be harmful to our health, especially for children whose bodies are fragile and in the developing stage. While on the other hand, non-fried foods retain their original nutrients and are not contaminated by oil. Hence they are more nutritious and healthy for kids. So as an equally tasty and more healthy alternative to fried food, here is a list of non-fried food for kids. 

Non-fried foods for kids

  1. Green Pea Dhokla

As the name suggests, green pea dhokla is an important source of green pea, nutritious food that is rich in vitamins and minerals/ Green pea is a source of Vitamin, C, K, folate and fibre. It helps in strengthening the eyes, minds and bones of children. And serving them as non-fried green pea dhokla further enriches its taste. Green pea dhokla is made using green pea puree mixed with besan, salt, little sugar, ginger-green chilli paste and citric-acid and water. The batter of the dhokla is then steamed garnished with coriander and coconut.

2. Sweet corn chaat

Sweet corn is an excellent source of starch and fibre that prevents constipation. An amazing way to serve this nutrient to your kids is through sweet corn chaat- spicy, tasty and healthy. It is very easy to make too. Just keep sweet corns boiled beforehand. Mix the boiled sweet corn with carrots and cucumber in a bowl. Then add chilli powder, cumin powder, chat masala and salt and mix everything well. If you want, you can also lemon juice to it and the healthy and tasty sweet corn chaat is ready.

3. Steamed rice and lentils

Kanpuriya or Steamed rice and lentil is a famous Gujarati dish. As the name suggests, steamed rice and lentil is rich in minerals and vitamins that boost the immunity of kids and provide energy. It is also easy to cook. Take a coarse flour of rice mixed with dal. Add green chilli paste, salt and a little bit of oil and cook in boiling water. Also, add yoghurt to the mixture and cook until the flour absorbs everything. Then cut small logs out of the flour and steam them. Serve the steamed rice and lentil with pickle masala.

4. Sweet poha

Sweet poha is light, non-fried food and tasty food that your child will love. It is easy and quick to make too. Wash and drain poha and then cook in a pan with ghee at medium to low flame. Then add jaggery or sugar, cardamom and chopped cashew nuts to the mixture. And later add milk to it and cook for 1 minute, Sweet, non-fried poha is ready to serve.

5. Chila

Multigrain chila is a healthy and light food that may be served as quick snacks for kids. It is nutritious due to the presence of grains and it can be made more healthy by adding vegetables to it. Chila is also easy to cook. You need to mix the grain flour (it can be wheat, besan or ragi) with water, chopped onions, capsicum, carrot and tomato. Add turmeric powder and salt to it and blend the mixture into a smooth paste. Then heat a tawa and spread a scoop of the batter on it. Roast it until the batter become solid and slightly golden. The chila is now ready to serve.

6. Idli

Another most recommended non-fried snacks for kids is idli. It is light, healthy and tasty. Prepare the idli batter by blending rice and urad dal into the smooth and fluffy batter and ferment it for 8 hours. Then, take scoops of batter and place in idli plate. Steam it till the batter become solid. Serve it with chutney or sambhar. Here are some more creative ways to serve idli to your kids. 

7. Suji Toast

Suji is a rich source of iron and potassium that improves the haemoglobin level in the body. It is also rich in fibres that help in preventing constipation and easing digestion. Suji toast is one of the tasty and healthy non-fried food for kids. It can be prepared by mixing rava suji, curd and water together and making a batter out of it. And then to the batter add chopped onions, tomatoes, salt, carrot and coriander and mix them well. Then take a bread slice and spread the suji batter on it. Toast it on hot tawa on both sides. It is now ready to serve.

You can serve these food as snacks, in lunchbox or in breakfast. Some of these can also be a fulfilling meal of the noon or night. Here is a list of some non-fried snacks that Indian moms prefer for their kids.

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