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Health Benefits Of Pitha, Favourite Non-Fried Snacks For Kids In India

Health benefits of pitha

Health benefits of pitha: Pitha is a favourite snacks/meal for people in Bihar. Widely famous as Bihar’s rice flour dumplings, it is rich not only in taste but in health benefits too. It is an advisable food option for toddlers, teenagers and adults. It is rich in protein, minerals and carbohydrates among others that serve as a great immunity booster and source of energy for people of every age. Made by rice flour and spicy lentil fillings, dal pitha is non-fried, light and easy to cook too. In fact, pithas are most parents’ favourite. Why? Because pitha’s high nutrition content makes it the best option of food for children. It has abundant amount of rice and dal which are the most recommended food options for kids. Usually, kids do not like dal. But once served in the form of pitha with favourite chutney or dips, kids won’t be able to say no to it. Before feeding this rich combination of taste and nutrients derived from the delicacies of Bihar, here are some health benefits of pitha that you must know:

Health benefits of pitha

  1. Rich in protein

The lentil fillings (chana dal) in pitha make it a rich source of protein. A diet containing protein is important for the growth and development of children and pregnant women. Moreover, proteins repair body cells, provide energy and support in transporting blood and oxygen in the body.

2. Rich in calcium

The abundant use of rice flour in pitha makes it rich in calcium which is essential for strengthening bones and skeletal health. Moreover, rice flours are gluten-free and less allergic which is an important category to tick before feeding anything to kids. Rice flour is also an excellent source of fibres that help in improving the bowel movement and digestive system.

3. Rich in carbohydrates

Pitha is a source of 15.20 g of carbohydrates which are the primary source of energy and nutrients in our bodies. Carbohydrates play a vital role in supporting your central nervous system, functions of the kidney, brain and heart muscles. Moreover, it avoids constipation and controls blood cholesterol level. It is because of the presence of carbohydrates in pitha that having them will keep the kids full and active for a longer time.

4. Rich in Vitamins B1, B9 and E

Rice flour used in pitha is rich in vitamin E which boosts immunity, skin health, provides energy, helps in regenerating cells and avoids cancer. Moreover, chana dal used in pitha is rich in Vitamin B1 and B9 which promotes the production of red blood cells in children. It also helps in boosts their growth and muscular development.

4. Non-fried food that serves as guilt-free snacks

As it is commonly known, fried food contains a high level of calories and fat which isn’t good for health. Over-fried foods often become major reasons for diabetes type 2, fluctuating cholesterol level and heart diseases. Moreover, in today’s scenario when we cannot completely trust the quality of oil that is sold and consumed, fried food can be harmful to our health, especially for children whose bodies are fragile and in developing stage. But pitha serves as an excellent alternative to fried food as a food that is equally finger-licking with a higher amount of nutrition. Non-fried foods retain their original nutritional values and benefit the health and body of the consumer.

5. Steamed food are the healthiest

In addition to the high amount of nutritious lentils and rice, the fact that pitha is a steamed food makes it one of the healthiest food options. Steamed food retain most of their original nutrients without being contaminated by added flavours. Even though pitha’s fillings contain some spice, they are very low in quantity. Steamed food avoid health problems related to cholesterol and promote digestion. 

Once you are aware of health benefits, do give a shot and try pitha at home. Here is an easy recipe for the same:

Take some rice flour and make a paste/dough by adding water to it. Then take some chana dal that has been soaked in water for a night or four to five hours and blend it. Add salt, green chilli, ginger and garlic paste and coriander leaves to the dal mixture to make it spicy. Then take a portion of rice flour dough, stuff it with the lentil fillings and roll them like Gujjiyas. Steam the stuffed rice flour dumplings and serve the pithas with chutney/chokha/dips.