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Evening Hunger Pangs? Seven Healthy And Quick Snacks For Kids

quick snacks for kids, Non-Fried Foods For Kids

Quick snacks for kids: If you are a parent, you must have come across the overwhelming question- what should I cook for the kids? Hunger pangs and kids have a deep connection. Kids love being active. They will prefer playing, jumping on sofas, climbing up and down the stairs over sitting down quietly for studies or taking a nap (as a kid I used to hate nap time!). And subsequently, this increases their hunger, no matter if the kids just had their meal. So what should you feed them for the hunger pangs after the meal?

Quick but healthy, tasty and light snacks will ease your life and spread a delightful smile on your kids’ faces. Here are some ideas for healthy, tasty and quick snacks for kids.

Quick snacks for kids

  1. Banana Sandwich

Quick and simple to cook, banana sandwiches are not only good in taste but in nutrition levels also. Your child will gain fibres and carbs of the banana which is essential for its growth. The banana sandwich can be made by mashing ripe bananas, adding sugar and grilling it with bread.

2. Fruit custard

Good in taste, fruit custard is one of the best ways to fill the tummies of your kids and provide them the nutritious of the fruits. You can make the custard very easily using some nutritious fruits, custard powder and milk. Mix the custard powder with some amount of milk until there are no lumps left. Then heat the milk and after some time add the custard powder mix. After heating for a few minutes, turn off the stove and add the sliced pieces of fruits to the mixture. Refrigerate the custard for 15 minutes and then serve.

3. Dal and vegetable soup

Dal and vegetable soup is one of the most nourishing snacks for kids. It not only provides essential nutrients like protein, iron and vitamins through dal and healthy vegetables but also tastes good. You can easily make these soups by cooking moong dal (rich in proteins) and vegetables like carrot, cabbage and tomatoes in a pressure cooker with water and salt. Then boil the mixture for a few minutes in a pan and serve. You can also add paneer to the soup to enrich its taste. All kinds of soups are healthy and make quick snacks for kids.

You can also serve other tasty and healthy soups like vegetable soups and corn soups.

4. Cornflakes chaat

Cornflakes chaat a healthy snack for your child and super easy to make. It contains corn, cornflakes and vegetables which provide nutrition to the kids. There is no cooking involved. Just chop vegetables like tomato, onion and green chili and mix it with corn, red chili powder and chaat masala. Later add cornflakes to it and the basic cornflakes chaat is ready. You can add other ingredients to enrich its taste like lemon juice, honey, cumin powder etc.

5. Besan Bread Toast

It will just take 15 minutes to prepare this healthy and tasty snack for your kids. Make a batter of besan by mixing it with water, salt, red chili powder, onion and green chili and blending it into a smooth paste. Then dip one side of the bread in the batter and toast it on the Tawa. And once the besan on the bread turns golden, add the batter on the other side of the bread with a spoon and flip it. After a few minutes of toasting, besan bread toast will be ready.

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6. Poha

Poha is delicious and light food for snacks that your kids will love. You can also make it healthy by adding cornflakes, cereals, peanuts, rolled oats and makhana. And it is quick and simple to cook. Roast the poha in a pan until they turn crisp. You can also deep fry it by adding some oil or roast it in an oven. Then roast cashew nuts, peanuts and other cereals in a pan with some oil. Once they turn red, mix them with poha.

Chop green chilies and fry them in a pan with cumin seeds and oil for a while. After turning off the stove, add salt, hing or even jaggery if you want to sweeten the poha and lastly add the mixture in the roasted poha. It is ready to serve.

7. Healthy multigrain chila

Multigrain chila is healthy and light food that may be served as quick snacks for kids. It is nutritious due to the presence of grains and it can be made more healthy by adding vegetables to it. Chila is also easy to cook. You need to mix the grain flour (it can be wheat, besan or ragi) with water, chopped onions, capsicum, carrot and tomato. Add turmeric powder and salt to it and blend the mixture into a smooth paste. Then heat a tawa and spread a scoop of the batter on it. Roast it until the batter become solid and slightly golden. The chila is now ready to serve.

There you have some fantastic, easy on your time, quick snacks for kids.