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So Cute ! 8 Ways To Make Breakfast Fun For Your Kids

make breakfast fun for kids

Kuch achcha khana hai. I don’t want this porridge. I don’t want milk. All mothers are familiar with their morning routine. Kids fuss up, mothers stress and breakfast becomes battle-fest. Make breakfast fun for kids. Here are some really fun ways to make your nutritious breakfast a bit hit with little children. At SheThePeople parenting, we call it storytelling-eating.

Sandwich Fun

With very little effort you can play around with sandwiches. Simple additions, dots with ketchup can make it fun. When you make foods fun for kitchen, they explore new things, and seek the story behind it. When that happens, you have got your child on your side and they would be willing to listen.

make breakfast fun for kids

This one is a simply style with the most basic foods we have everyday. Boiled egg and bread. For the flowers cut cheese slices. In fact keep a pair of scissors handy at all times and use it to shape the food, quickly and in a fun way. Nose can be cherries, can be a slice of bananas, a segment of orange can be a smile – explore your options and don’t feel restrictive.

A story to make up and have fun with? What did the egg say to the sandwich? And then rattle on with your child on the possibilities.

make breakfast fun for kidscouple love valentine (9)make breakfast fun for kids

This puppy love style is among our favourite. Because puppies are indeed the favourite of little kids. We used this to start chatting with little ones with little ones of animals! Look at the bows. Don’t feel restricted to do bows, or flowers, try shapes which are easier and just as fun. Blueberries for you can also be little cashews or badaams.

make breakfast fun for kids

We never suggest having to spend especially for children’s breakfast but some items like a fun plate or cutlery can add to the conversation and food consumption in a way that kids actually eat. Whether it’s a peppa fork or a plate with a village scenery, they offer talking points for the family the kid. ‘Who is going to eat the nose of little piggy? How did the fork talk to the plate?’ – things like that. This toast is simply fun, full of energy, some form of chocolate but fruit and raisins thrown in.

make breakfast fun for kids

Ha ha, meet the king from Madagascar? Have beans ever looks so SO good. Simply boiled with salt and a dash of sugar, these beans are around a burger patty. That could be made at home (avoid processed foods) and it could be from beetroot, raw banana, or with oats or with any meat you prefer. Keep it flexible and suit your taste. Eyes are eggs and look at that bow tie! Priceless. You can replace corn with pomegranate seeds or peas. Go with what you have, and what you want your child to eat.



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