Indian Snacks for Children : Here Are Quick Things You Can Make with Idli

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Indian Snacks for Kids – How can we feed our children better and nutritious food without just frying another set of smileys and chicken nuggets? SheThePeople parenting looks at some good options, that are easy to make, yummy to eat and the least messy for your child.


Small idlis are fun and there is a lot you can do with them. Even if you don’t have the mould for the chota idli, use the big one and we can cut the idlis as we like. Here are quick recipe ideas with idlis.

  • Butter Idlis – Toss idlis in butter while they are hot and give them mini forks to eat them as snacks.
  • Rosemary Idlis – Herbs are very good for children. They are good for health but also for the senses. Use a little bit of rosemary while tossing the idlis in butter and they will taste delicious. It’s also a simple way to get your children to experiment with something new, slowly.
  • Dal Idlis – I don’t make a big deal about using lunch leftover dals to soften the idlis and I mix them together for a good snack. Unlike the usual, I try to use chilka-wali dal and toss the idlis in that. Whole dals are always better and more nutritious for kids.
  • Chocolate Idlis – Some mothers may resist bread for kids. I think idlis are a wonderful and healthy replacement. Use any chocolate spread and toss your idlis, and the kids will lap them up.
  • Mr Idli – It’s an idli that you invent and build a story with. You can make a nose and a smile and play a game too.
  • Idli Chaat – If your child love a little sweet and sour, idli chaat is a great one. Use sweetened tamarind water, or tomato saar and add some boiled aloo or channas.

Indian Snacks for Children : Here Are Quick Things You Can Make with Idli

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  • Idli with Beetroot – My children love beetroot and its taken them time. So I often make a savoury beetroot chutney (I used boiled beetroot) and toss the Idli there.
  • Patriotic Idlis – These are super special. They are made with carrot, spinach mixed into batters. So I use carrot for red idlis, spinach puree for the green ones. And white batter for the white ones. So many stories to go with this theme!
  • Idli with surprise bites – This is when I add vegetables like little sweet corn and beans to the batter and the kids discover a multi coloured pattern in the idlis. The gup shup thanks to that can be very interesting. Like we spoke about thinking of our bites wala idli as the earth and discussed how it takes shape etc.

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These are just some options for idlis. One can make many more, since experimenting has no limits.

Authored by Radhika Arora, a mom to two. Recipes expressed are author’s own.

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