After Condemning Capitol Attack, Model Karlie Kloss Questioned Over Association With Trump In-Laws

Kloss is married to Joshua Kushner, the sibling of Jared Kushner who is the husband of Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump.

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Model Karlie Kloss, like many other American celebrities, took to social media to condemn the violent Capitol Hill attacks which broke out in the US on January 6. She was, however, at the receiving end of some criticism, given her association by marriage to President Donald Trump's family. Kloss is married to Joshua Kushner, the sibling of Jared Kushner who is the husband of Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump. Several members of the Trump family and administration are being accused of inciting the mob violence at Capitol.


Commenting on the Capitol riots, which were led by pro-Trump mobs alleging the US Presidential election was unfair, Kloss said refuting the results of democratic voting was "anti-American." Immediately, the 28-year-old received pushback, with netizens raising doubts over her claims since she was related to the Trumps. To one claim echoing this sentiment, Kloss even said she had "tried" talking politics with her brother-in-law Kushner and sister-in-law Trump.

See her tweets below: 

In a tweet, which has now been deleted, a user responded to Kloss: "Tell you sister in law and brother law." To which Kloss wrote, "I've tried."

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Another comment directed at Kloss read, "SAY THIS AT THE NEXT DINNER WITH THE KUSHNERS.... if you’re feeling bold." Yet another Twitter user wrote, "I’m sorry, I just can’t with you. You married into that horrific family. I’m sure you mean well, but you’re a part of it by association and choice."

However, some people defended Kloss, claiming she does not have to bear the brunt of her in-laws' political views and could choose to differ. One user wrote, "Y’all don’t bring up her relation to the K*shners. She’s her own person and has her OWN views!!!! You stand up for what’s right, sunshine."

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Background To The Capitol Hill Attack

The illegal storming of the government complex of Capitol Hill in the US has earned condemnation from world leaders and celebrities across the globe. The riots, led by President Donald Trump’s supporters ahead of incoming leaders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Congress certification, reportedly occurred in a bid to overturn US election results in favour of Trump. The attack is being labelled an “assault on democracy,” with many demanding the outgoing President’s impeachment and court action against the mobs.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews and US first lady Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff, Stephanie Grisham are among the top staffers who submitted their resignations following the violence.

A protestor names Ashli Babbit reportedly died after being shot by the Capitol Police during the unrest. Read about her here. 


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Celebrities React To Capitol Riots

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, reacting to the Capitol attack, wrote, "I join President-elect @JoeBiden in calling for the assault on the Capitol and our nation’s public servants to end,” and as he said, “allow the work of democracy to go forward."

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez meanwhile demanded for Trump to be impeached. Other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo too have reacted strongly to the events at Capitol Hill. Read about it here. 

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