Farah Khan’s Social Media Account Hacked, Many Celebrities Went Through It In 2020

Farah Khan Heartbroken

On Monday, choreographer-director Farah Khan’s social media account got hacked. She wrote in an Instagram post, “My Twitter account has been hacked as of last evening. Please do not click or reply if you get any message from it as it may be used to hack into your account too…”

Khan said that both her Instagram and Twitter accounts’ security was compromised but she was able to access her Instagram id with the help of her husband Shirish Kunder.

In the caption of the Instagram post she wrote, “This is true! My instagram was also hacked n many dm s could have gone from it.. pls be vigilant. Iv managed to restore instagram thanks to computer engineer @shirishkunder .. hoping to get Twitter reinstated too.”


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Another celebrity to fall prey to the social media side effect is Vikrant Massey. His account was also hacked and shared the update regarding it on his Instagram story and urged people to neglect any message that they might have received from his account. He wrote, ” “My Facebook and Instagram accounts have been hacked. Please ignore any DM’s or comments coming in. We’re working on it.”

Vikrant Massey Instagram Story

Vikrant Massey Instagram Story

Other Social Media Accounts That Were Hacked In 2020

Celebrities are often subjected to various harmful cons of social media. One of the cons is that their account is subjected to being hacked like any other normal person. In 2020 Urmila Matondkar, Sussane Khan, Kim Kardashian, and PM Narendra Modi, Bill Gates were among those whose account was jeopardised.

Though the accounts of celebrities are well- secured and most apps are two-step authenticated but still, many celebrities are still struggling to keep their social media accounts out of the hands of hackers. Matondkar, after her account got hacked, tweeted, “My Instagram account has been hacked @instagram. First they DM you n ask to follow a few steps n verify the account n then it gets hacked… really…!!??? #notdone.”

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Sanskriti Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.