Selena Gomez, Cardi B, And Pink Among Celebrities Condemning Capitol Hill Attack

Capitol Attack Celebrities

The violent storming of Capitol Hill in the United States on January 6 has left the world in shock. Politicians, prominent public figures, and celebrities across the board have condemned the mob riots led by President Donald Trump’s supporters ahead of incoming leaders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Congress certification. This act of trespassing the government complex in a bid to overturn US election results in favour of Trump is being labelled an “assault on democracy,” with many demanding the outgoing President’s impeachment and court action against the mobs.

Biden and Harris’ electoral victory has since been certified by the US Congress, thus clearing their path as the next President and Vice President of the US respectively, The New York Times reports. The two had earlier made a public appeal for peace and democracy to prevail.

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Many American, even non-American, celebrities have used their social media presence to echo the concerns around the Capitol attack. While some like singer Selena Gomez called out tech giants Twitter and Facebook for giving Trump’s “instigative” speech a platform, actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Chloë Grace Moretz expressed deep disappointment over the incident.

We rounded up Twitter reactions to the Capitol attack from some prominent women: 

Tagging major social media outlets and their heads, Gomez wrote how they “failed the American people today,” hoping they would “fix things moving forward.” BBC reports that Trump’s account has been blocked on Facebook and Twitter following the Capitol violence.

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Singer Cardi B, who had been vocal throughout the Black Lives Matter movement last year and the police violence it involved, compared the Capitol attack to it. Calling out the “irony” of the situation, she brought notice to how black protestors were labelled “animals,looters,thugs for rioting and protesting over JUSTICE & EQUALITY.”

Meanwhile Pink called January 6 a “sad day for America.”


Indian-origin author Padma Lakshmi, who immigrated to the US when she was only four, has spoken strongly against the Capitol attack, calling it an instance of “domestic terrorism.”

Sharing visuals from inside the Capitol, Khloe Kardashian bemoaned the incident, saying, “The epitome of white privilege! How disturbing!!! I am sick to my stomach.”

Male actors like Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, Daniel Levy and Ashton Kutcher have also criticised the Capitol Hill attack.

World leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have condemned the violence, as have noted Indian celebrities, authors, and journalists.