Virat Kohli Says Wife Anushka Sharma Is His 'Biggest Support System'

The Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli said that he would have been clueless, and without 'clarity' if Anushka Sharma was not in his life.

Vanshika Swami
Feb 19, 2021 15:37 IST
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Virat Kohli: Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has never hesitated when it came to expressing his love for his wife Anushka Sharma.

On Friday, while in a conversation with former England cricketer Mark Nicholas on his ‘Not Just Cricket’ podcast, Kohli said that Sharma has been his biggest support system, and his greatest pillar of strength throughout the time.

Kohli went all praises for his wife once again as he said that she is extremely understanding of his situation. He also said that the two have open conversations about mental health, and they discuss how to deal with all the negativity which they come across as public figures. 

“Anushka and I have great detailed conversations about the complexity of the mind and how it can pull you into negativity and what are the things that matter to put things into perspective," says Virat. He further said that Sharma has been a pillar of strength for him, and she understands his situation well because the Bollywood actor has herself dealt with a lot of negativity. The Indian cricket team captain Kohli further said that he would have been clueless, and without 'clarity' if Sharma was not in his life. He added that his wife knows exactly, and understands what he is doing, how he is thinking, feeling, or going through.

While speaking to Nicholas, the batsman added that he loves spending time with his wife, and there is no explanation for this emotion! "As we grow each day, we realise that all that matters at the end of the day is spending quality time with someone you love because you are together for life,” he said. Kohli further said that his journey with Sharma is forever, and everything else he does is just a part of his journey with his wife. "Your family is growing, everything is moving on, but still, you are two people that chose to be with each other, chose to come together and move on in life, move forward from there on,” he added.

Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli recently became parents to their first child on January 11. The duo named their baby daughter Vamika, and shared an adorable photo posing with their baby girl. “We have lived together with love, presence, and gratitude as a way of life but this little one, Vamika has taken it to a whole new level!” the new mom wrote on her social media. Read about it more here. 

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