Five Times Brides Made Our Day With Their Heartwarming Gestures

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Weddings are mostly emotional. Everyone has a stir of bittersweet emotions in their hearts. The bride side is emotional as their daughter associates with a new family and the groom side is emotional to welcome a new member. While different people have different experiences, one of the many great things about a wedding ceremony is the way people open their hearts and let the tears flow with sheer happiness.

The beautiful bride, the wedding music playing and smiling faces, it is not just an event but a beginning of a new journey. The bangles, the flowers, the wedding fire and people, everything and everyone has a beautiful story to tell.

Here are five heartwarming bride stories:

The Bride Who Embroidered Late Father’s Letter On Veil

A Rajasthani bride wanted to feel the presence of her late father at her wedding so she embroidered the last letter he wrote to her on her wedding veil. Suvanya, the bride’s father passed away in May 2021 due to cancer. The bride in red lehenga, with her father’s “from my heart to yours,” filled the hearts of people with warmth.

The Bride Who Asked To Use Dowry Money To Build Girls’ Hostel

Anjali Kanwar expressed her desire to donate her dowry to girl’s hostel in front of all the wedding guests. She waited for the wedding rituals to complete and then read out a letter that she wrote to everyone. Her announcement made her family proud and filled the venue with applause by the guests. Her father then donated Rs 75 lakh to the hostel construction for girls.

The Bride Who Led Her Own Baraat
A bride from Bihar broke stereotypes in her wedding when she decided to change the traditional practice of a groom’s procession. The bride jumped up the ghodi in her lehenga and with dance and music, went all the way to her groom’s house to get him. Her video of her dancing on the mare with her family dancing and having fun in her baraat was inspiring and amusing to everyone.

The Bride Who Carried Her Late Mother’s Photo To Her Wedding

A Pakistani bride lost her mother before her wedding and her way of including her in her walk down the aisle left everyone teary eyed. The bride was walked by her father and she was carrying a photograph of her mother. She and tears in her eyes and so did her father and everyone who watched the viral video.

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The Bride Who Refused Kanyadaan
An IPS officer Tapasya Parihar refused to be given away as a daan to the groom’s family. She clearly said to her father that she was not a charity but his daughter. Her thoughts on the traditional practice that symbolises completely giving away the bride to groom really inspired people. Indeed, marrying does not mean the daughter does not belong to her family, it is the addition of new members, her in laws, to their family and not her exit from her parent’s house.