Bihar Bride Leads Her Baraat To The Groom’s House On Horseback

Bihar Bride Rides Horse
Bihar Bride Rides Horse: Anushka Guha from Gaya in Bihar had always questioned patriarchy and missed no chance to break stereotypes. She did the same on her wedding too. She led her baraat sitting on a mare in her bridal lehenga and marched along with her friends and family to the groom’s house.

Guha is a flight attendant by profession. She got hitched to a Kolkata-based businessman Jeet Mukharjee earlier this week. A video that went viral showed the bride dancing on the horseback and having a blast. In an interview with ANI, she said that she was going to get her husband as she thought that all boys go. “I am a girl, why should I not go? I thank my husband that he didn’t mind this,” Guha told ANI.

Her mother said that she would often question the practice of a groom going to the bride’s house on horseback on the wedding day. The parents left no stone unturned to tell her that these were traditions that everyone has been following from generations but she was never satisfied with the answer. She had made up her mind to break the tradition and do the opposite on her wedding.

This is not the first time when a bride sat on a mare.

Similar case

Kritika Saini is a resident of Rajasthan’s Sikar district. She left people stunned by riding a horse to mark the pre-wedding ritual of ‘Bandori’. She did this as she wanted to convey the important message of equality between both the genders. Her parents supported her in this endeavour as they also wanted to spread the message that one should not distinguish between daughters and sons and deserve  equal opportunities. Read more about it here. 

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