Bride Gets Her Late Father's Letter Embroidered On Her Wedding Ensemble

Bride gets a cutomised veil with her father's letter given to her on her birthday embroidered on it.

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Bride Gets Letter Embroidered On Veil: Bride Suvanya got words from her late father's letter embroidered on her wedding veil.

Suvanya's father passed away in May 2021 because of cancer. But the bride wanted to make his presence felt in the ceremony so she got  her father's letters embroidered on her wedding ensemble.

The 27-year-old bride tied the knot with Aman Kalra at Khimsar fort in Rajasthan. She wore a simple yet chic dark red lehenga and her long tulle veil read, “from my heart to yours,” in her father’s handwriting.

I really wanted to feel his presence at the wedding in a way that I can always hold on to, just like his letter.

Her dad had written a letter on the occasion of her birthday. In a video, she shared how her papa wrote the letter in black and blue so she could choose which one she prefers.

The wedding lehenga was created by designer Sunaina Khera. The bride also decided to set her wedding day as December 13, 2021 because it was her father's commission day in the Army making it an important date.

Bride Gets Letter Embroidered On Veil

Suvanya even framed the original letter but she hasn't had the courage to read it again since her dad passed away. No one knew about the lehenga unless they saw it "It was personal" she said.

Recently, Patralekhaa decided to customise her veil with a phrase that held a special meaning to her. Other actors such as Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have also had personalised wordings on their wedding attires making it a trend.

Another bride, who had lost her mother wanted to feel her presence at her wedding so she carried a picture of her late mother in her hand. 

The sentimental bridal outfit does stand out from the rest of the brides and makes it special. It also adds value which makes it much more special. Yami Gautam used her grandmother's vintage collection for her wedding which made it special for her.

Suvanya’s family ended up living in different cities and she lived with her father towards the end. Her father wrote ‘I hope Aman looks after you the way I did’ which got her emotional. Touched by the video, a social media user wrote, “I randomly came across this video this made my day such a beautiful gesture. Weddings should always hold more emotional significance and it’s not just an excuse to dress up and spend a lot of money this was just so beautiful."


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