Admit it or not, as children, all of us had just one dream–to grow up. Now that we are all grown up, don’t tell me you don’t wish to go back to your beautiful childhood days. Growing up with my parents has been a great experience. The only complaint I have is my father never acquainted me with some harsh realities. Here are five things I wish my father told me about adulting.

1. Adulting is not easy

I wish my father told me it’s not easy being an adult. He always pampered me and made my life as simple as he could. Had he informed me beforehand of the challenges grown ups face, I would have had a little less difficulty in figuring things out myself.

2. You have to be independent. I won’t be there to help you always.

As a child, I have always had my father at my beck and call. During my childhood, I would find him right by my side whenever I needed him. This is why I became completely dependent on him for even the smallest inconveniences. Dad, why did you never tell me adults have to be independent and deal with problems all by themselves?

3. The world is unkind. You have to be strong.

My father brought me up with so much of love that I believed life to be a bed of roses. He never revealed that the outside world is ruthless and unkind. There’s no place for weaklings here. In order to survive, one has to be strong and face all the adversities that come one’s way. I learnt this only when I grew up. It will take me some time to come to terms with the evils around.

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4. You have to take big life decisions on your own

Now comes the most thing I wish my father told me about adulting back in my childhood days. Adults are supposed to take important life decisions regarding higher studies and career without the assistance of their parents. One wrong move, and you step into darkness.

5. Staying away from your parents isn’t easy but you have to learn it

I laugh at my teenage self thinking how foolish I was to believe that staying away from home is fun. When I started living alone in a new city for my studies with no one to guide me or even reprimand me when I went wrong, the perils of being away from home dawned on me. My father should have enlightened me about it at an early stage.

Perhaps my father wanted me to learn and understand certain things on my own. Maybe that is the reason he never told me why it’s difficult to be an adult.  He always wanted his daughter to be strong and independent but never mentioned it. However, one thing that I am sure of is, I’ll always need my father irrespective of my age.

Do you think fathers should give prior information about adulting to their children or should they allow them to take their own time and learn everything at a slow pace?

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