Narayana Murthy has learnt these 8 very important lessons from wife Sudha.

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N.R. Narayana Murthy is the co-founder of one of India’s homegrown tech giant Infosys. Wife Sudha Murty, who is a bestselling author, and he spend their time investing in philanthropy with a net worth of over 25 crore rupees. We take a look at the Sudha Murty Narayana Murthy journey and the various points it was put to test.  

1. Giving space and respecting each others’ passion

Sudha Murthy believes that  it is important to give space to one’s partner. She says that she is an extrovert whereas her husband Narayana Murthy is an introvert. They are both different but they have always respected each others’ space and passion. This is an important reason behind their happy and successful marriage according to her.

In an interview with SheThePeople, Sudha Murty also said giving space in all relationships allows them to flourish.

2. Being Supportive

Narayana Murthy came to his wife with the idea of Infosys but had no money to invest in his startup in 1980s. To support him, Sudha Murthy took the charge of the expenses. It was her savings of  Rs. 10,000 that she invested to help start the company. She also left her job at Tata Motors and moved to Pune to help her husband. It was because of her that Narayana Murthy could keep his ambitions steady. 

3. Adjustment

When Narayana Murthy came with the proposal that only one of them could start Infosys, Sudha immediately agreed to take up the responsibility of bringing up their children. Narayana Murthy in an interview said that it was a much greater responsibility because once parents retire or grow old, the biggest cause of their disappointment becomes their children if they are not brought up well. We may agree or disagree with her sacrifice, but Sudha Murty made her choices and stood by her husband while he needed her.

4. Having a positive mindset

The Murthys display a positive attitude towards each other. After a tiring day, both of them lift each other’s spirits by having a conversation and keeping negativity out of their reach. As Narayana Murthy says, this is essential to a happy marriage.

Sudha Murty helps siblings, sudha murty term chairperson online classes, sudha murty narayana murthy

Sudha Murty. Picture Credits: Stars Unfold

5. Importance of Money

During the days of their courtship, Sudha was earning way more than Narayana. He would always be indebted to her. He owed her around Rs.4000. Sudha maintained a record of it but tore it off once they got married. Thanks to Sudha Murty’s constant financial assistance that led her husband to establish a company as big as Infosys.

This is a good reminder of how society must break away from gender stereotypes which expect only the man or his money to start a business or make investments. Given Sudha Murty’s money help make a kickstart, one should credit her with foresight and risk capabilities.

6. Having a mutually agreed understanding

When the couple’s second child was born at Hubli, Narayana Murthy couldn’t be actively present for his wife and the baby. He had to fly off to United States ten days after the birth to complete the project of one of his clients. This was the level of his dedication towards his career and Sudha Murty understood this. The understanding they developed helped Infosys to flourish and their children to have a bright future.

7. Handling failure

Narayana Murthy’s first venture, Supertronics was a failure and he had to close it down. To make money and support his family, he had to move to Patni Computers. Sudha Murthy helped him cope with his failure by constantly reminding him of his potential as most partners should do in a relationship for each other. Narayana Murthy never forget that. 

8. Being yourself

As we all know Sudha Murty advocates simplicity despite being one of the richest women in India. She believes in leading a simple life and being confident. 

As a couple, they do have different ideologies as well. Sudha Murty tells SheThePeople that she is not very fond of shopping but her husband believes in consumerism. He thinks buying products helps the society because then there will be circulation of economy, else the market will collapse. Watch more about that in the video below.