Timeline of Brian Laundrie's Disappearance: Search Comes To A Possible Tragic End

From embarking on a cross-country trip with his fiance to a tragic discovery in the wilderness: a timeline of Brian Laundrie's dissapearance.

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Brian Laundrie human remains found: The search for deceased influencer Gabby Petito's fiance Brian Laundrie might have come to a tragic end on October 21, with the discovery of human remains. The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed on Wednesday that some of Laundrie's personal items were also found near the remains that were discovered during a search at Carlton Reserve in North Port, Florida.

The 23-year-old had been a 'Person of Interest' in the disappearance and subsequent death of Petito, whose remains were discovered on September 19, weeks after she had been reported as missing by her family. Petito's family had urged Laundrie and his family to cooperate in the FBI to search for the influencer, however, Laundrie himself had disappeared from his house on September 14, telling his parents that he was going on a hike at the very wilderness from where his remains have now been possibly discovered.

Here is a timeline of Brian Laundrie's disappearance and suspected death:

1. In July this year, vlogger Gabby Petito, who runs a channel named 'Nomadic Statik' embarked on a cross country trip with her fiance Brian Laundrie.

2. The couple planned to travel to the West Coast of the United States, visiting various National Parks on their way, in Petito's white Ford van.

3. On August 12, a police officer got in contact with the couple in Utah, responding to a report of domestic violence. In the bodycam footage that was released later, Petito could be seen talking about dealing with mental health issues. The officer advised the couple to spend the night separately and pressed no charges.

4. On August 17, Laundrie flew back to his home in Florida to procure some items and close a storage unit. According to a report by CNN, he rejoined Petito on their cross country trip on August 23.


5. On September 1, Laundrie came back to his home, again, without Petito or their vehicle in sight. Petito's family expressed concern for her, as they had not spoken to her since August 24, when the couple was visiting Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

6. On September 11, Petito's family filed a missing person's complaint, thus starting a search for the missing influencer. On September 14, Laundrie left his home in Florida, telling his parents that he was going on a hike at Carlton Reserve. The date of Laundrie' disappearance however remains contested.

7. On September 17, local and federal authorities began searching for Laundrie, who had been named a person of interest in the Petito case.

8. On September 21, forensic tests on a body found at Grand Teton National Park revealed that the remains were of Petito. Tests further establish that the 22-year-old was strangled to death.

9. On September 23, the US District Court of Wyoming issued a federal arrest warrant in the name of Brian Laundrie on debit card fraud charges.

10. On October 2o, another shocking development took place in the case, as human remains were discovered from the national park where Laundrie had allegedly gone hiking. The remains were found alongside Laundries' backpack and notebook.


11. The identity and cause of death for the remains recently discovered are yet to be established by federal and local agencies investigating the case.

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