Where do you normally see people practising Yoga? Amidst nature or at home? But what if we tell you that there is a woman in the US who did Yoga on a highway?

The woman, from Florida, was sick of being stuck in the traffic and that’s when she decided to get out of her car, roll out her yoga mat on the road and started doing yoga to mollify herself.

Kristin Bjornen also posted a picture of herself doing the Cobra Pose on Twitter. “Clearing the traffic in my mind“, she wrote as the caption.

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A truck that had flipped over ahead of her car had reportedly caused the traffic jam. “I had my windows down and my engine off as a result,” she tells Inside Edition. “And the view from up there is pretty nice, so I couldn’t help but get out. I figured it was my only chance ever at striking a pose on the highway!”

“Nobody else was getting out of their cars. I only saw four people get out way ahead of my vehicle,” she said.

“People were angry, but I knew it wasn’t a situation I could control. So I just had fun with it. I was literally laughing out loud by myself at the whole thing,”- Kristin

She was so excited to strike the pose that she even requested a fellow commuter to click her photo.

According to Miami New Times, the woman said that she didn’t do much yoga on the highway. She was just trying to make a point about the traffic snarls in Miami and how those can be dealt with.

“Part of me feels guilty that people actually think I was Zen-ing out on the highway. But in a way, I was. Because I was laughing at an uncontrollable situation, aghast that so few people got out of their cars, and making the best of what I hope only happens to me once in this lifetime,” she says.

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