Teenage Girl Allegedly Raped By Boy Who Lived Under Her Bed For Weeks

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Teenage Girl Raped, Ohio: 20-year-old boy allegedly raped a teenager while living under her bed for 3 weeks, in the absence of her mother’s knowledge who reportedly lives in the same house. The accused also took nude pictures of the girl. The boy and the girl met online through social media.

The 20-year-old boy, who was identified as Jaret Wright, allegedly raped the teenager who is aged between 13-18 years, whom he met online. He reportedly lived under the bed in her house for three weeks without the knowledge of her mother. He even took nude photographs of the girl. However, the girl knew that the boy was living under her bed.

The accused was already charged thrice with a rape offence and one count of producing child pornography, as reported by an American journal. He is now taken on hold by the police for his offences.

The mother, who had no idea about what was happening in her house, discovered Wright living under her daughter’s bed after three weeks, according to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the State Documents, Wright held down the victim and forced himself on her.

However, authorities have not yet confirmed if the accused and the victim were dating and whether the girl herself invited the boy to stay in her house.

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