Woman Allegedly Gangraped In UP, Videotaped And Blackmailed For 5 Months

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UP Woman Gangraped: Another horrific incident took place in Uttar Pradesh where three men gangraped a  20-year-old woman in the Mahoba city area.

According to the police, the girl alleged that the men raped her five months ago and videotaped it to blackmail her later. Since then, the three youths have had a physical relationship with the girl several times. Police registered an FIR on Wednesday and later detained the three accused men.

All of them belong to the Gandhi Nagar Locality. The girl said that she reached the city in October 2020, when the three men forcibly took her to a house and raped her. The girl also claimed that the men have taken Rs 1.5 Lakh cash and a gold chain for her by using the video. The police are carrying out investigations.

This alleged crime gets added to many similar cases that took place in Uttar Pradesh since last year. The horrific incident that took place in Hathras was followed by another one in the Badaun district. Read about the recent updates on the Hathras case here.

According to the National Crime Report Bureau data from 2017, Uttar Pradesh had reported the highest number of crimes committed against women. Out of 3.59 lakh cases in India, 56,011 cases were from Uttar Pradesh alone. Two years later, NCRB data showed a 7% increase in the rate of crimes against women and Uttar Pradesh again came out with the highest number of cases.

A total of 59.853 crimes were committed against women. Further breakdown of the data showed that the state reported the highest number of crimes against underage girls under the POSCO act, a total of 7,444 cases were registered in one year. UP follows Rajasthan in the number of rape cases, while Rajasthan reported 5,997 cases, UP stood at 3,065. The state also has a very high number of crimes committed against Dalit women. 2019, 537 Dalit women were raped in UP.