Sushant Singh’s Niece Katyayni Arya Writes A Note For Her ‘Gulshan Mama’

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Katyayni Arya Rajput, Sushant Singh Rajput’s niece, recently penned an emotional note in memory of the late actor, sharing it on Instagram with an image. Addressing him as her “Gulshan mama“, Katyayni wrote that he was “the most precious person” to her.

“Gulshan mama, I love you more than the universe,” Katyayni wrote in an elaborate post along with a heart-warming picture. “I always thought that sometime in the future we would look up at the sky and discuss the mysticism in reality. Your talks about life always mesmerised me and always pushed me to do better, I never thought that I would have to see such a day when I would never be able to hear your voice again,” she added.


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What You Should Know

  • Sushant Singh Rajput’s niece, Katyayni Arya Rajput, wrote an emotional post, remembering the late actor.
  • She wrote about the actor’s intellectual mind and how together they used to star-gaze and laugh.
  • Supreme Court of India has transferred the late actor’s death case to CBI

Writing about Sushant‘s intellectual mind, Katyayni pointed out that he was and still is an “unstoppable force of energy”, she further wrote, “You were more than what others thought of you, you were more than what I thought of you. You were more than what you thought of yourself.”

Katyayni also revealed that the extended family is still recovering from his sudden death. “You once told me that we in reality never really die and I really want to believe you but it gets harder by each and everyday. I just wish I could travel into a parallel universe where the world is a better place and we are together smiling, star-gazing and laughing at the “intellectual” jokes you make,” she reflected.

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Katyayni also promised her mama that she will make him proud. “But I must not let my grieve drag me down and hamper my evolution because it would be a shame if I allowed it to happen. Your blood flows through my veins and I intend on making full use out of it. Gulshan mama, I am going to make you proud. I will always love you Gulshan Mama,” read the post’s last few lines.

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his Mumbai apartment on June 14. He was 34. An investigation in his death is being carried out by CBI, based on his father KK Singh’s FIR against Rhea Chakraborty with Bihar police.

Feature Image Credit: Katyayni Arya Rajput/Instagram

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