South Korean Woman Sentenced For Stalking And Harassing Daughter

A South Korean woman in her 50s has been sentenced to six months in jail and two years of probation for stalking and harassing her adult daughter. The harassment included hundreds of messages, physical stalking, and multiple trespassing incidents.

Harnur Watta
Sep 16, 2023 16:42 IST
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A woman in South Korea has been sentenced for stalking and harassment directed at her adult daughter

A woman in South Korea, identified as being in her 50s but remaining unnamed, has been handed a sentence of six months in jail, along with a two-year probation period. Her conviction stems from a troubling case of stalking and harassment directed at her adult daughter, as reported by The Independent. 

The ordeal took place over a five-month period, spanning from December 2021 to May 2022, and was extensively documented in Daejeon District Court records.

During the initial stages of this distressing situation, the messages sent by the woman to her daughter were relatively ordinary, primarily consisting of innocuous requests such as Bible readings and inquiries about her whereabouts. 

However, as her daughter's responses became increasingly scarce, the tone of these messages took a dark turn. 


They evolved into a barrage of abusive and derogatory comments targeting her daughter's personal life and sexual behaviour.

Escalation to Physical Stalking

Beyond the realm of digital harassment, the woman's actions escalated to physical stalking. 


She repeatedly appeared unannounced at her daughter's residence, often leaving her there against her will. Reports also state that she frequently peered into her daughter's home, invading her privacy in an invasive manner.

Even in the face of a police injunction issued in June, the woman continued her trespassing, doing so on six more occasions. Despite her claims that her actions were not deliberate, the court ultimately dismissed her defence.

As a result, the court handed down a six-month prison sentence and mandated that she complete 40 hours of anti-stalking education.


It is important to note that South Korean law is unequivocal when it comes to stalking. Offenders can face fines of up to 30 million won (approximately Rs 18,78,008) or a maximum imprisonment period of three years. 

In March 2021, lawmakers in South Korea enacted a stricter anti-stalking law, which became effective in October 2021, as reported by Straits Times. 

The penalties become even more severe in cases where stalking is accompanied by the possession of a weapon, with fines increasing to 50 million won (around Rs 31,25,083) and the possibility of a five-year prison sentence.


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