Bihar: Father Rapes Daughters "To Have A Son” On Advice Of Tantrik

A man was found guilty of raping his two minor daughters for several years, all on the advice of a Tantrik, in a desperate attempt to have a son. After the birth of the son, the tantrik continued with the abuse abusing the minor girls himself.

Harnur Watta
Sep 15, 2023 20:05 IST
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In a harrowing incident that has sent shockwaves through Buxar district, a man was found guilty of raping his two minor daughters for several years, all on the advice of a Tantrik, in a desperate attempt to have a son. 

The repercussions of this horrifying ordeal have now resulted in legal action, with a local POCSO court delivering verdicts that have left the community grappling with the grim realities of gender bias and patriarchal values.

A Decade of Abuse Unveiled

The local POCSO court in Buxar district handed down a life sentence to the accused father, Binod Kumar Singh, and the tantrik, Ajay Kumar. 


Simultaneously, the court sentenced the rape survivors' mother and aunt to 20 years in prison for their role in instigating the heinous crimes. 

This shocking case came to light after the two minor sisters bravely reported the matter to the police. For a decade, these young girls endured unimaginable suffering, their innocence violated, and their trust betrayed. 

It wasn't until their courageous decision to come forward that the wheels of justice began to turn.


Challenging Patriarchal Values

Prominent social scientists have weighed in on this deeply disturbing incident, shedding light on the broader societal issues at play. 

Professor Sachindra Narayan expressed his concerns to the Times of India, stating, "Such an incident is quite disturbing, and unless appropriate action is taken, it will destroy the pious social values."


Professor BN Prasad delved into the root causes, emphasising that incidents like this would persist until the patriarchal value system is challenged by women themselves. 

He stressed that this incident is not merely gender discrimination but rather a grim outcome of the existing patriarchal system. 

Prasad warned, "Until it is challenged by the women themselves, such things will continue."


Prasad also pointed out the prevailing beliefs that daughters are often considered 'paraya dhan' or someone else's wealth, seen as resource-draining, while sons are regarded as natural inheritors of their father's properties and hold the special right to conduct their parents' funeral rites.

The Chilling Advice: "Rape Your Daughters"

The sordid details of the case reveal the extent to which the accused father was influenced by Tantrik's twisted advice. 


In 2012, desperate for a son, the father consulted the local tantrik, who shockingly advised him to "rape his daughters." 

Subsequently, the accused did have a son, but the tantrik continued to threaten the boy's life, pushing the father to commit further atrocities. As the situation escalated, the Tantrik himself began raping the helpless girls, making them victims of an unimaginable double ordeal. 

It wasn't until May of last year that the sisters mustered the courage to escape their torment and report their ordeal to the local police.


Swift police action led to a speedy trial, ultimately resulting in the incarceration of all those involved, including the accused father and the Tantrik.

In compliance with Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault, the identity of the victims has not been revealed to protect their privacy.

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