How Sameera Satija’s ‘Crockery Bank’ Curbs Plastic Pollution

Sameera Satija

Plastic pollution is becoming a huge problem, not just in India but worldwide. With sea animals dying due to excessive accumulation of plastic waste in water bodies and land animals choking on plastic after mistakenly consuming them, various organisations as well as countries are trying to come up with ways to change the current scenario. India too is seeing a plastic ban in several states but that’s not enough. Sameera Satija from Gurugram is fighting plastic pollution and making people aware as to why it’s needed. She has kickstarted a new concept called ‘crockery bank’ to curb plastic pollution.

How does it work?

The 45-year-old lends steel utensils to clubs and organizers for their programmes and events, all for free, reported Indian Express. Once they have been used, you clean them and return the utensils to her. If one likes the idea, they are welcome to donate more utensils to the bank.

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The concept is to reduce the usage of disposable plates and glasses and instead use steel, which can be washed and used again

“People do understand but everyone has their own reason for using them. So, I came up with this idea to provide reusable crockery for free. As asking people to buy them was not a practical thing,” she said in an interview with IE.

She also said, “The large number of disposable plates, glasses that were left behind after any bhandara, langar, chabeel in public places always appalled me. The plastic waste would clog drains and get stuck in horticulture iron nets. Sometimes, animals swallow them because of leftover food items sticking to them.”

How much has she grown?

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