6 Ways To Save Our Environment

High Levels Of Pollution In Indian cities

The environment is of paramount importance, we should always endeavour to preserve it. It is in our best interest that we stop polluting it and actively participate in conserving the resources mother nature has bestowed on us. Our natural resources are but limited. There is no denying that Global Warming is a reality. The changes in weather patterns in the recent past are very evident, therefore, we need to be more cautious for our own sake.

Here are some ways in which we can contribute to the betterment of our environment:

1) Going Paperless: Cut down on a usage of paper, pay your bills online you won’t need a printed receipt, switch to e-papers, replace your paper books with an e-book reader.

2) Minimise Carbon Footprint: To minimise your carbon footprint, reuse the stuff and donate the one’s you no longer use. It can be a spare mobile phone, cooking appliance, or an old desktop, instead of throwing it away, donate it, you will help someone.

3) Minimise Food Wastage: Food wastage is a global crisis. Take a note of the quantity you actually need, eat what you serve. Parcel the leftover food at restaurants and give it away to someone in need.

4) Do away with the use of Plastics: It’s no secret that plastic is one of the most harmful substances on Earth. Carry cloth bags that are durable, plastic containers, tiffin boxes, etc can be replaced by the non-plastic ones.

5) Save Water: Conserving clean water is important only 3 per cent of water available on this Earth is fit for human consumption. Keep the tap closed while brushing, shaving, washing the dishes, etc., use a bucket instead of a shower, try doing your chores using the minimum amount of water.

6) Public Transport and Cycle: If you’re travelling alone, choose public transport, or choose car pools. Ride bicycles for a shorter distance it is a good exercise too.

Each one of us needs to do our bit in preserving the environment. Let’s make this earth greener and healthier.

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