Rare Personal Letters Written By Princess Diana To Be Auctioned At Cornwall

Princess Diana letters

Previously unseen letters written by late Princess Diana of Wales to a family friend will soon go up for auction at Cornwall, England. According to reports, the rare collection of artefacts includes 39 letters and Christmas cards, dating between the years 1990 and 1997, until her tragic death. The handwritten rarities by Princess Diana are addressed to her family friend Roger Bramble, and apparently include moving details about her life post-divorce from Prince Charles and an alleged attempt of suicide.

The auction, organised by David Lay auctioneers, follows a previous, successful one in which a single letter by Diana had been sold for a whopping £1,750. Mimi Lay, wife of the organiser, was quoted saying, “This is one of the most extraordinary sales we have ever done. No-one in the world has handled a collection of letters from Diana quite like this. Diana remains one of the most photographed and most famous people in the world even today, 20 or so years after her death.” This newly unveiled collection of Diana’s letters is pegged at £30,000.

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About Diana’s Letters

According to Daily Mail, the contents of Diana’s letters span a wide range. In one, she reportedly referred to Queen Elizabeth as “the Boss,” while in another she even drew a squiggly, smiley face. The letters even include details about the “mundane activities associated with an impending divorce.” These letters, which will now be sold at auction, were reportedly contained for 23 years in a farmhouse since Diana’s death. Lay was quoted saying, “These letters come from an elderly gentleman who was a very dear friend of Diana and her mother.”

The unnamed gentleman selling Diana’s letters was quoted saying, “We have our memories and I very much hope these original and delightful letters will give the new owners the same enjoyment and, before the sale, help the public to learn more about the princess as a real person rather than relying solely on contemporary portrayals of her life.”

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About Princess Diana

Born into the British royalty, Princess Diana of Wales rose to prominence following her courtship and engagement to Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II. The couple had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. However, incompatibility and extramarital affairs resulted in an unsuccessful marriage, and soon the couple separated. Diana, who would have otherwise been the successor to the throne, continued to remain a popular figure in media.

All through her life, she was known for her excessive inclination towards philanthropic work. She was hailed everywhere for her sensitivity and public connect that was unusual for a member of the British royalty. Also deemed to be a global fashion icon, she actively defied the norms of royal attire and partook in fashion trends. She died in 1997 in a car crash in Paris.

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