The Crown Recreates Princess Diana And Her Life As If History Repeats Itself

The scenes and the actors playing Princess Diana and Prince Charles have, without fail, captured the exact essence of the reality. 

Rudrani Gupta
Nov 19, 2020 06:03 IST
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Princess Diana has long held a special space in the pages of history and hearts of people. Many times she courted controversy too. The widely-watched web series on British royal history, The Crown has made it possible for viewers to relive and re-experience the ups and downs of her life. Emma Corrin brings Diana to life like few others ever have.


We bring to you some of the iconic scenes from the web series in comparison with the real-life pictures of Princess Diana. So that you can see and decide how similar the two are!

1. First and foremost the recreation of Princess Diana’s look is on point. Emma Corrin has nailed the looks of the Princess. From hairstyle, fashion sense to the warm smile and calm nature, Emma Corrin seems to have embodied every small detail of the famous Princess.

Emmi Corrin recreates Princess Diana Emmi Corrin recreates Princess Diana


2. Secondly, the Royal Engagement. One who is familiar with the life story Princess Diana cannot forget her fairy-tale marriage to her beloved Prince Charles. Fairy tale at least on the day of their wedding. It is one of the most significant moments in Princess Diana’s life since she became a public face after her engagement with the Prince. And in exacting this scene, The Crown has left no stone unturned.

Engagement Scene The Crown Recreation of Princess Diana's engagement to Prince Charles

3. Thirdly the iconic wedding gown. Did you know? Princess Diana’s wedding gown with a train of 25 km long defined a generation. Her wedding gown became the next best historic memory of July 29, 1981, the first of course was Princess Diana walking down the aisle. The wedding gown’s pictures spread on TV screens and newspapers worldwide and soon became the most famous wedding gown and a symbol of fairy tale moment. The gown in which Emma Corrin is dressed and majestically walks down the aisle is like history repeating itself. Take a look!


publive-image Recreation of Princess Diana's gown

4. Princess Diana Performs on "Uptown Girl": In December of 1985, a month after Prince Charles’ birthday, Princess Diana performed a special routine on the song "Uptown Girl" to surprise Charles. She did the performance alongside ballet dancer Wayne Sleep in a private event of Royal Opera House. “The audience gasped when Diana appeared as if they’d all taken one huge breath. The routine had a bit of everything: jazz, ballet, even a kick-line,” Sleep said in an interview. “She loved the freedom dancing gave her,” he added. The performance was received with astonishment and standing ovations but not from Charles. “It was embarrassingly clear that he had not been ravished by the spectacle of his wife en pointe.” Tina Brown wrote in the biography The Diana Chronicles. As Brown points out, Charles was upset about “Diana’s lapse in royal etiquette.”

Again, The Crown did not miss the intensity of the scene. Right from the white dress, amazing dance moves to the toe-tapping tune, everything is so accurate that one is figuratively transported to the Royal Opera House of 1981.


5. Princess Diana's solo New York tour: In 1989, Princess Diana undertook her first solo trip to New York under high-security arrangements to promote trade between the US and Britain. She appeared at the John F. Kennedy airport without her husband Prince Charles and children Prince William and Prince Harry. The scene has been perfectly recreated by the latest season of the crown, showing us a repeat of the moment in History that reminded the world that a woman can also be a world leader, apart from a wife and mother. Have a look!

6. Australia Tour: In 1983, Prince Charles and Princess Diana embarked upon their first tour after marriage with their newborn son Prince Harry. She went to Australia and New Zealand to promote the country’s relationship with the Commonwealth. Have a look at the real and the recreated version of the moment.

Princess Diana in Australia Tour Princess Diana in Australia Tour.

PC: Harper's Bazaar


Princess Diana The Crown sees Emma Corrin portray a most real character. It's as if History Repeats Itself

Recreation of Princess Diana's Australia tour Recreation of Princess Diana's Australia tour

7. The Balmoral test: Princess Diana had to pass a test called Balmoral test to be considered eligible to marry Prince Charles and be the future queen of England. In 1980, Princess Diana and Prince Charles spent a weekend at royal family’s Balmoral Castle. This was their third date and also a “test” to finalise their marriage. The scene is perfectly captured by The Crown with slight changes owing to dramatisation.

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