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Period Hacks: Simple Solutions To Prevent Discomfort During Travel

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I still remember the day my ten year old was getting ready for an overnight inter-state sports tournament, says Poonam Kapoor. This was her second time since her first period and she was still struggling with using a pad. And worse, she was required to wear a white school kit for the match!

Barely recovered from her last month’s memories of painful stomach cramps, she was devastated to be travelling in such a condition.

While both mother and daughter sat gloomily wondering how to sort this ‘period issue’, help came in the form of a doctor friend.

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Since the travel was just overnight, she took four panties and stuck individual pads on each. She then folded them neatly and placed each in a zip-lock bag. Instructions were clear: wear the panty and when the pad needs replacing, peel off the pad, place it in a ziplock and discard. Use the next underwear the next day and continue until the end of your periods. However, there was still a worry of the pad being displaced during the match. Sports tights apparently made sure that everything was in place. And finally to control the cramps, she was asked to pop a Meftal Spas or Drotin.


My daughter is now in college and still suffers from the first day period cramps. If that wasn’t enough, we have some new drama – shorts have become shorter and tops are now cropped. There was a three-day college trip coming up and not one thing should be left to chance. There went the trusted pads out of the window.

However, help came in the form of a cup – The Diva Cup. A company had marketed this new product in the girls’ college a few months back, actually caught their fancy. These provide 12-hour leak-free protection, is reusable, clean, comfortable and convenient. Just stick it in and when the cup is full, wash it and stick it right back. Voila! No need to carry any extra ones!

Tampons also are gaining more traction among youth in India. They are also a good option and with washable tampons available now, things are much better!


A beach holiday is booked exactly for those crimson days. What to do? I need an amazing period hack in the form of a miracle. Oh God! Just move my date five days later.

‘Gynacs’ are your knights in shining white coats, in such a situation.

Take a contraceptive pill (I was suggested Ovral-L), 15 days before departure. And continue having one per day until your holiday is over. Once you stop; withdrawal will set in after 48 hours and your periods should start.

But for those who are not keen on using a contraceptive and rather manage their periods while they travel, here are a few useful tips to ease the discomfort.

  • Sip cinnamon seeped in hot water.
  • Take a pinch of powdered mustard seeds with milk, twice a day before or during periods.
  • Try Omega-3 rich foods (fish oil and flax seed oil).
  • Consume foods rich in iron (beans, spinach, dry fruits, poultry).
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • If you are travelling and there is heavy bleeding, one can take Gynae CVP to control the flow.
  • Unlike popular belief; the more active you are during these days, the less the cramps.
  • Do remember not to treat periods as a headache. The less you think of the discomfort, the easier it gets for you.

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