Single Woman Traveller: Stuff I Learnt To Ignore

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Payal Devgan shares escapades and experiences as a  traveller which might resonate with working women (single or married), single moms or homemakers of today.


Stuff that’s become a part of her life when she travels alone and that, she has learnt to ignore!single women

She rushes to board the aircraft as the soon as the boarding starts:

Else is ready to be subjected to stares and scans as she passes the narrow passage of the aircraft looking for her seat, more often than not, the thorough scan might move six inches down from her face.

She wears her night eye mask as she sits across a berth facing the “The Nosey Aunty”:

Else she is sure to lose the game of "Stare till You Dare to Catch my Eye”–and what awaits is a long drawn interview full of awkward questions centring her and her personal life.

She carries her luggage herself to the hotel room after the checking into a 5-star property:


Else she gets into the elevator with the over-friendly bell boy who feels he has the right to ask her if this is her personal trip or professional and get pushed into endless small talk.

She, being single, buys a fake wedding band or a Mangal Sutra if she wants to be left alone on a long flight:

Else she might be hit on by the uncles or the overexcited 18-year-old sitting next to her thinking she is available.

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When she is travelling to the most beautiful city of India/Dubai, she adds the Marhaba service as part of her shopping list

Else she is prepared to be grilled by the Kandura wearing immigration officer who would like to know if she has come to look for an expensive bag or a rich husband.


She no longer aspires to try out into the now famous Bollywood airport look which paparazzi loves to shoot, she wears the out of bed look or the pyjamas look or even better, the traditional Bharatiya nari look to the airport

Else she is ready to be hit on at the security check, where instead of scanning the baggage they scan her package!

She books a double occupancy room (no am not hinting at anything vaguely naughty!): 

Else she will reveal to the entire hotel staff that she is staying single and is vulnerable.

She walks out of the airport or railway station with a placard saying “I have a pickup - Don’t need a taxi” before she heads to the government authorized taxi stand:

Else she will be bombarded by various touts/ over-enthusiastic autorickshaw drivers / private cab drivers waiting for pickups flashing their placards on her face or try to shout into her ears asking if she needs a ride.


And the list in her exciting travel diaries keeps growing...

 Payal Devgan is a Finance Professional, an active blogger and a single parent.

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