Payal Ghosh Finally Apologises To Richa Chadha, Bombay HC Disposes Of The Suit

Payal Ghosh Finally Apologises

The defamation case between Richa Chadha and Payal Ghosh came to an end when on Wednesday a bench of Justice A K Menon recorded that they both have “reached a settlement.” Ghosh’s lawyer further informed that “settlement terms have been finalized,” Live Law reported. He also mentioned that Ghosh has tendered an “unconditional apology” to Chadha before the Bombay High Court on October 14. The report also states that the matter has been disposed of by the court.

Reportedly, Ghosh has withdrawn the defamatory statements against Chadha after both the parties submitted consent terms. They both agreed to not file any case against each other in the future.

Sharing the news on Twitter Chadha wrote, “Done”.

However, Ghosh also took to Twitter to claim Chadha and her lawyer have accepted “some conditions” demanded by her.

Reacting to the news, Taapsee Pannu congratulated Chadha saying, “Unconditional apology with ‘certain conditions’ apparently” adding, “Ab kya bole behen…. but what a fight you put up”, Taapsee tweeted.

Payal Ghosh apologises to Richa Chadha

Ghosh had earlier refused to publicly apologise to Chadha after she filed a defamation case against her. However, the Bombay High court on Monday granted two days for them to settle the matter. Ghosh had agreed to apologise to Chadha but on a condition that she will not file any further criminal charges against her after the settlement.

Ghosh’s statement in court said, “She withdraws her statements and defamatory posts pertaining to the plaintiff (Ms. Chadha) as mentioned vide the current interim application and suit, including without limitation her statements and defamatory posts vide the interview to the plaint and unconditionally apologises to the plaintiff.”

She undertakes to delete all her above statements and defamatory posts against the plaintiff on Twitter and other media where she has published the same and further also undertakes not to state, make, publish and/or republish any defamatory, insulting, humiliating statements against the plaintiff at any time in perpetuity, related to the subject matter of the present interim application in any manner and/or for any purpose.”

The Fukrey star Chadha sought interim and permanent relief against Ghosh, who in September had accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual assault and mentioned her name in interviews while talking about the alleged incident, reported Live Law. Ghosh had further alleged that other Bollywood actresses had also experienced the same with Kashyap. Subsequently. Chadha filed a case based on the “defamatory statement” made against her in an interview and claimed Rs 1.1 crore damages.

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