Gurgaonwaali: Two Fitness Enthusiasts Share Their Journey

Bhana Bisht
Jun 09, 2018 11:53 IST
Gurgaonwaali Fitness enthusiasts

On June 9, the third edition of Gurgaonwaali shed light on the grave importance of Women’s Fitness. SheThePeople.TV brought together two dynamic women who have made fitness a core part of their being. Ranjana Deopa, Co-Founder of West Delhi Runners and Yashodhara Lal, an author, are always up for challenges.


The Saturday morning fitness enthralled conversation was held at Soda Bottle OpenerWala, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Author Kanchana Banerjee moderated the panel. The event concluded with an enthusiastic conversation, strong opinions and a much needed insight into a fitness-inspired life.

The Quest For Fitness

Ranjana Deopa started her journey, taking up running, almost six years back. The aim primarily was to lose weight. She has come a long way ever since. Whether it’s half-marathons, marathons or even an ultra-marathon, she has done it all.


Yashodhara is an author. Her book, ‘How I became a Farmer’s Wife’, was published in April this year. She is also a Zumba instructor and loves what she does. Yashodhara, who had a complicated second pregnancy, realised the importance of good health and fitness at the time she was really ill. She understood the significance of maintaining health and feeling good about one’s body.

It was a wake-up call that she's not always going to have her health. She realised that time is short and she must focus on feeling good about her body.

Key to discipline and motivation


Both women believe that it is self-motivation that is the primary factor when it comes to attaining a fitness-inspired lifestyle.

Discussing about her own mantra, Ranjana said, “In terms of motivation, I truly believe in the saying that “The body achieves what the mind believes”. If I don't train my mind, believe you me, I can't run 1 km. It is a sort of an internal achievement.”

“The key to discipline is to remember how you’re going to feel at the end of the fitness regime."


Talking about how she motivates others, Yashodhara said that she believes in leading by example. Nothing stops her from getting out of bed and proceeding with her fitness regime, and this is what she reflects outside. She shared, “Whether there are two students in my class or twenty, I keep the same amount of energy. This keeps everyone going.”

Journey Of Fitness

Like any other, Ranjana’s journey has been full of challenges. From someone who could not run 1 km to someone who can participate in endurance events, the Ironman Triathlon being the toughest endurance one day event, her body has seen tremendous changes. She reflected that the amount of energy and endurance level she has now, at 42, she could not even think of having five years back.


“When I started running six years back, I never thought I would become a triathlete. These are milestones of my own. This is a part of my identity now. Apart from being a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, this is also who I am,” Ranjana added.

Yashodhara, who could not do a halfway pushup ten years back, can perform all fitness routines easily now. She loves to dance and her inner peace cultivates from within when she’s flowing with music. It is now an integral part of her life. She is a firm believer of the fact that it is fitness that gives one the energy to do everything else. She loves practising Zumba, even more teaching it. “It’s like you’re dancing in air. It’s meditation in its own way,” she said.

These women inspire people to believe that inclusion of a fitness regime, in any form, is significantly important and easier if you’re up for it.

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