Study: Women Surpass Men in Stamina and Muscle Endurance

Charvi Kathuria
Aug 26, 2017 07:17 IST
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A new study busts all myths and stereotypes related to male strength. Researchers from the University of British Columbia have found that women get less tired after natural muscle exercises than men of a similar age. Also, they have a higher athletic ability. Thus, women have greater muscle endurance than men.


The study is titled 'Influence of sex on performance fatigability of the plantar flexors following repeated maximal dynamic shortening contractions'. The University of British Colombia collaborated with Universities of Guelph and Oregon for this study. It was published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

The study required nine women and eight men to flex their foot against a series of sensors 200 times. They recorded the speed, power and torque - rotational force - of their movements and electrical activity of their muscles. It was observed that men are faster and more powerful at first, but became more exhausted much faster than the women.

If ever an ultra-ultra-marathon is developed, women may well dominate in that arena.

The researchers gauged foot movements as it makes use of calf muscles on the back of the leg. The same action is involved in standing or walking.

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