Feminist Rani: Cybersecurity – Threats, Challenges and Opportunities

Theme: Cybersecurity – Threats, Challenges and Opportunities

We will be joined by three stellar panelists, Nappinai NS, Ms. Aileen Marques. & Priyanka Borpujari. The discussion will be moderated by Elsa Marie D’Silva who is the Founder & CEO of Red Dot Foundation (Safecity).

So let’s come together on 7th April at 5:00 pm (Title Waves Book Store, Bandra) to break this culture of silence and inaction.

ElsaMarie D’Silva is the Founder & CEO of Red Dot Foundation (Safecity) which is a platform that crowdsources personal experiences of sexual violence and abuse in public spaces. Since Safecity started in Dec 2012, it has become the largest crowd map on the issue in India, Kenya, Cameroon, and Nepal.

Ms. Aileen Marques is a Human Rights Lawyer with the Mumbai High Court. She has extensive experience working on cases of domestic violence, marital discord, family disputes, property disputes, maintenance of senior citizens, divorce, child custody, criminal law etc. She provides legal aid for prisoners. She has conducted lectures and workshops for law students, senior college students, NGOs, and women. She is associated with NIPCCD (National Institute for Public Cooperation and Child Development).

Priyanka Borpujari is a Fulbright Scholar and a multi-award winning journalist who has reported on issues of human rights and justice, from across India, El Salvador and Indonesia. She has been published in The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Hindu, The Boston Globe, NPR and several others. She is the founder of The Kali Project, which aims at catharsis through writing, and has conducted writing workshops at diverse places, including a male prison in the US.

N. S. Nappinai, a highly respected and senior practitioner (since 1991) before the Supreme Court of India and Bombay High Court, is a pioneer in cyber laws. She has helped create awareness amongst judiciary, industry and police. Her repertoire of cases includes constitutional, Criminal, cybercrime, IPR, corporate and commercial matters. An alumnus of the Chevening Cybersecurity Fellowship UK and IVLP USA, Nappinai is a prolific writer and speaker. She has authored a seminal book “Technology Laws Decoded” (2017). She represented in Government Committees including on cryptocurrencies and is amicus curiae before the Supreme Court in Prajwala v. UOI which is exploring path breaking alternatives to root out child pornography and videos and images of violent offences against women from online dissemination.